Training Plans Longer than 12 Weeks

Is it possible to make a training plan longer than 12 weeks? My race is 24 weeks away and it doesn’t seem logical to do 2x12 week program. I saw you can do a few 3-4 week blocks, but that also doesnt seem like it string together in a progressive way.

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Great question. I’m training for a good size ride in June. I’m piecing some plans and blocks together that cover what the ride entails.
Look forward to the responses

I don’t believe there is any way to make a longer plan currently.

I’m training for a metric in June. My approach was to pick the century plan with an set an end date 1 day past my event. This ends the plan with my ride.

I’m currently following the all purpose road plan and I will have a 8 week gap between plans. I’m going to fill the gap with the training blocks.

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