Training plans length

Just wondering if there is a way or consideration of extending the length of the train plan options?
Or a way to provide variety of workouts if you choose two of the same blocks in a row?

I am considering doing 2 base blocks to start off indoor season. When I do this, the workouts from each 4 week block are exactly the same for both blocks.

So maybe allow the length to be chose in the option menus when creating your plan (ie 6 or 8 week block instead of just 3 or 4 weeks that you then select back to back)? Or selecting base plan A, base plan B or base plan c just for some variety?

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You increase length by doing another one!

There’s no automatic way to add variety, but I (and many others) often swap a workout in the plan for another similar workout in the library. I try to match length and purpose (FTP, MAP, etc) as best I can.

Have you tried comparing medium and high volume plans. I’ve done this previously with the MAP blocks and they have used a few different workouts.

Alternatively you can manually substitute some workouts for others with a similar focus , duration, IF & TSS

Yeah I think this would be super helpful. Also, if you could specify a start AND end date of a plan. I just set up my schedule for an event next year, and have a weird 3 or 4 week gap between my base section and an “official” gravel plan.

I just switched to systm from Trainerroad/zwift so I’m used to the TR plan creator that just automatically creates a full plan for your event. It’s hard to fit stock 8/12 week plans into a schedule all the time.

Yep. I often do 4 week building block plans and it would be nice if they randomly (or systematically) swapped out workouts so they’d be different when I repeated one. As it is, and like others, I do that myself when sufficiently motivated.

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