Training platform with best integration to Systm?

Hello, I was just wondering, what are your go-to training platform where you hooked up the systm to? Strava is getting more expensive and their metrics are not accurate at all at describing my training load. I’m looking for another one to try, suggestion?

I use It integrates beautifully with SYSTM and has all the metrics I need plus more. It’s free but the developer does heaps of work and asks for a small monthly contribution.


I’ve heard about it befofe. From the systm app, there’s no automatic upload? It means I have to uploady workout manually?

You connect it to Wahoo from the side and NOT from the Wahoo side. It will pull in anything done in the Wahoo ecosystem, including SYSTM workouts, automatically.


+1. Has become my go-to. Worth the $12 for membership.


Click on the settings to select what ecosystems you want to pull your data from.

It puts any other system I’ve used to shame, it’s an incredible piece of kit for something free. I pay yearly for it because I’m so impressed with what he’s built, but there’s no need to unless you want to get data from strava


Yeah i paid up to offload all my strava data, then just kept up the $3 a month to support his effort.