Strava Sync Becoming Paid Feature

This has been raised on the forum and TrainerRoad, but probably applicable to some here as well. Due to hitting limits with the interface they use with Strava, the syncing functionality will now be a paid feature to restrict how many users are using it. If you rely on this and you don’t pay for it, then your activities will not sync.

For Wahoo you can go to “Settings → Wahoo” in to have it connect to your Wahoo account and import activities when they are completed. This should work for everything, including RGT.

For reference: Strava sync to become a paid feature - Announcements - Forum


Good info. Thanks for sharing. I’ll change the sync settings to Wahoo. Luckily, my outdoor rides are covered with my Elemnt Bolt.

Any idea what the cost will be? I pay £10 per year for Veloviewer, happy to pay that sort of figure for too.


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Ahh… Is it finally time to pay for TrainingPeaks Premium?

Paying for would be both cheaper and more beneficial?


I have been using Intervals, but not really sure I need or want it enough to pay for it or Training Peaks.

I was searching around and found Elevate and Golden Cheetah. Both look like they are similar enough and still free. Anyone have any experience with either of these?

No idea about those ones, though I’ve read some positive things about the Cheetah one.

I just changed the synchronization to Wahoo Systm and it works just fine.

Manual uploads of your workout files that you’ve done outside Wahoo will work too.


There are many workarounds to the Strava limitation, so no need to pay just yet.

Two phone apps to consider:

RunGap, which is pretty awesome, I think it’s $11.99 a year but thay have lower tier option to try it out. It can sync many FItness services to one another, you get control over some of how and when and how much, but be careful you can get carried away. I have mine connected to Garmin Connect, Wahoo, Strava and RidewithGPS, it also supports and about 30 other services at various levels. I started with Garmin head units before Wahoo was a thing so I have purchased this to keep adding stuff to Garmin Connect. I purchased early this year and synced over a 2.5 year gap in activities (I used another Android app at one time, but I made the switch to iOS and lost that ability)

HealthFit is the other and I discovered it via It’s useful to get Apple Health info to if you are tracking Sleep, HRV or any of those things, but it can also do activity synchronization I believe. I think it was only $5(!).

I’m new to (and structured training in general) so I’m really just trying them out. I wish they had a donation or other tier option to throw some money their way in support besides the $48 per year but I’m likely to support them if I continue to use it.

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Last time I checked you can go above the suggested yearly fee if you want to donate.

I completely switched from TrainingPeaks as Intervals just has more use for me as I sync a boatload of other data in that I would have had to enter manually in TrainingPeaks (mostly Wellness data like weight, blood pressure, …)

But now my ROAM V2 has become a bit useless. Since the Wahoo API currently looks more like a joke than a full API I don’t see a way to sync workouts planned in Intervals to my head unit to ride outdoors. Sure the activities recorded with the ROAM do sync nicely to Intervals but that’s only half of the picture.

I can sync workouts from Intervals to Zwift automatically, but there seems to be no way to get them to the ROAM.

And using the Garmin Edge for training and the ROAM just for recovery rides to the ice cream place doesn’t sound like a great alternative either :wink:

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