Training whilst injured

I came off my MTB last Sat & have a grade 2 tear to my PCL. Physio wants me to ride on indoor trainer but without cleats (to avoid pulling) (Good for blood flow & keeping quad strength up) Should I continue with normal programme & simply change pedals & shoes or is there a “rehab” option in the app?

This is just my point of view.

  1. None of us are professionals, this is recreation and exercise for health and well-being.
  2. Injuries require rest, this stuff doesn’t magically go away. There is no such thing as rude or run through it

Rest now and heal properly so you can fight another day or…
Drag it out for months and potentially cause long term damage.

To me that’s the simple facts of it even though I don’t always follow my own advice

Good luck and get well soon

Thanks for input. I’m going to edit my post to state Physio wants me to train on indoor trainer. His professional opinion is that a) blood flow & b) quad work will be good for keeping strength up around injury.

I haven’t seen a “rehab” program, but you may want to do the “Open” rides. They aren’t as demanding as the regular workouts and will keep you entertained while on the bike.

I am sorry to hear about your injury.
I hope you will get well soon.

I had many injuries myself and i am surprised that your physio suggested to cycle this early.
I would suggest to do an MRI to assess the situation, unless you have already done that and that’s how you found out about the grade 2 tear.

Definitely do as your physio suggests and do NOT start pushing.
You asked about continuing with a normal program.
No this is not the time for that.
If you press harder, you move your knee slightly on a sprint or whatever and you tear it again, you are gonna bang your head on the wall for a long time.

My suggestion is to start very slow, with the shortest videos, put the trainer on LVL0 and just ride along, do not follow the graph.
Keep a constant Zone 1 power, at least for the first week or so, in order to make sure that you can handle it.
Afterwards, progressively increase the effort.

Keep talking with your physio.
Have you done any therapy this week?


Yeah I see no reason not to be active and ride the trainer—it’s worked well for me with a gastrocnemius tear, although it was probably less severe than what you’re dealing with—but err on the side of caution and keep the intensity low.