Trainingpeaks integration

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble finding a way of integrating already exisiting sufferfest plan with trainingpeaks.

You see, I’m in the middle of all purpose road plan and would like to integrate it with trainingpeaks as well.

Am I just simply blind, or there isnt really an option for such integration :thinking:

IIRC nowadays the SUF plans are managed only through the calendar in the app. you can still find some of the old training plans here and on this post minions could help you out

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I would certainly like to have the training plans in SUFF to be able to be exported to TrainingPeaks. I use TP daily to track many metrics whereas the current SUF calendar is still in it’s infancy. TP has over 20 years of development.
I understand that SUF and Wahoo want to do their own thing, however, integration, importation and exportation is critical. For one, I am trying to get ready for an Ironman. That said, I am still using the SUF plan that is on TP, and I have to modify it to meet my weekly TSS, work schedule and more. But it works.
It has so many functions and features that this is my go to calendar and fitness tracker. Strava doesn’t have it, Zwift certainly doesn’t have it, nor does any other program.
I urge the developers to make it possible to export the plan chosen, with yoga, cross training, and mental toughness to TP.
Ken R. KoS