Training Plan into Training Peaks

I’d really like to be able to use my SF training plan into TP again. I understand some calendar functionality is now replicated, but I hate having to duplicate things!


Email the minions, they can help you with this (that’s not just an “email the minions” response - they really can!)


Ah, thank you James.

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Not all the plans are available in TrainingPeaks, but most indoor/outdoor plans are! Drop us an email and we should be able to help!



I really like the Calendar integration into the app, but I think it misses some key points. Therefore, I’d like to suggest the following improvements:

a) Add a workout manually - I can’t add a workout manually (for me as a triathlete that’s important as I sometimes like to choose a workout other than suggested)
b) Shifting workouts freely - I can’t shift a workout from a past date into the future or the current day
c) Stopgap: sync with established apps: I can’t export/import my plans into final surge, trainings peaks or any similar app that offers the features mentioned above (this is intended just as a stopgap until the sufferfest app has them - I’d be more than happy to find it all in one place!)

I really like the calendar /plans & use it daily, could get even more out of it with the features mentioned above integrated.
PS: I think the app is adding more and more value, so keep up the great work!!!


Regarding (b), do you mean to copy a completed workout to a future date or to shift a missed workout to a new date?

If it’s a missed workout, you can definitely do this by opening the workout, clicking on the … in the corner and choosing “set new date”.

Drag and drop would be better but a method exists.

I would certainly like to have the training plans in SUFF to be able to be exported to TrainingPeaks. I use TP daily to track many metrics whereas the current SUF calendar is still in it’s infancy. TP has over 20 years of development.
I understand that SUF and Wahoo want to do their own thing, however, integration, importation and exportation is critical. For one, I am trying to get ready for an Ironman. That said, I am still using the SUF plan that is on TP, and I have to modify it to meet my weekly TSS, work schedule and more. But it works.
It has so many functions and features that this is my go to calendar and fitness tracker. Strava doesn’t have it, Zwift certainly doesn’t have it, nor does any other program.
I urge the developers to make it possible to export the plan chosen, with yoga, cross training, and mental toughness to TP.
Ken R. KoS


True. Whenever I tried that I received an error message “Date is invalid. Choose “From Finish”…” so I thought shifting wasn’t possible. But if you go ahead you can still shift the workout. Thanks!

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Was researching this myself this morning. I’ve started out using Training Peaks to consolidate and track my activities. Thought I’d seen somewhere where Sufferfest plans are available in TP, but I’m not seeing it anywhere. Is it the workouts that are available in TP?

It’d be nice to be able to transfer or select a SUFF plan in TP so they track, but I’m not seeing how to do that.

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The Sufferfest training plans in TrainingPeaks: The Sufferfest Training Plans | TrainingPeaks
(NB: they don’t seem to be updated)

The Sufferfest workout library in TrainingPeaks was announced on Twitter in 2019:
(NB: the list of workouts is super-useful to plan ahead in TrainingPeaks but it’s also not updated regularly, and I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like the link in that tweet no longer works 🤦🏻)

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I’ll add my vote to this general idea. I really loved it a while back when I could just push a button on my Elemnt to load that day’s outdoor ride. Now, to get that would be a bit of a hassle.

I was actually hoping that The Sufferfest and TrainingPeaks would do a merger. Each of the two products complements the other very nicely. Now that Wahoo is merging with The Sufferfest, it only makes the idea even more attractive. Right now, you have the amazing training plans and workouts of Suf and the best riding tech all under one roof. Add the unparalleled journaling, metrics and yearly planning of TrainingPeaks, and you would have a complete ecosystem. Surely, some sort of deal could be worked out.

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Not sure if this is a redundant suggestion or not, but I voted for this. It makes zero sense that Sufferfest promotes training peaks, but there’s no tech to incorporate them. No way to get Sufferfest calendar workouts transferred over into training peaks, so that it can be uploaded to my bike computer. The manual method is a complete waste of time because the Sufferfest workout formulas are not decipherable to the average user and even if you try to manually build a workout in training peak, based on the Sufferfest workout you’re supposed to do, that’s nearly impossible as well, takes hours because TP is so complex and then you’re not even sure if it’s setup correctly. To make matters even worse, training peaks doesn’t transfer your workout to Sufferfest, so the only way to see your stats for the workout is in another app like Strava. Essentially the only thing training peak is good for is uploading workouts to your bike computer to follow, but other than that you end up with just two calendars to update, (marking workouts in both as complete, but I could do that on a Google Calendar just as easily). Totally stupid.

My feature suggestion would be for Sufferfest personal profile and 4DP results to be able to transfer over into TP, then be able to sync the Sufferfest workouts into TP so that they can be uploaded to a bike computer… Then when the workout is completed, it should upload the results into Sufferfest for measuring and future effort adjustments and mark the workout complete in the Sufferfest calendar.

My apologies in advance for this sounding so negative, I’m just ultra disappointed that I’m well into the Sufferfest training and loving it, but there’s no good way to bring those workouts outdoors!

Training Peaks is my master for both SUF and outdoor rides. Would be nice to export into TP. However, I have access to the SUF workouts in TP and I have fun replicating my SUF plan and tweaking it to accommodate extra volume and trips away from home. The workouts in TP need a refresh (couple of missing and old TSS) but this is minor.

Just to add… I would use SUF calendar if there was extra functionality like drag and drop, fitness metrics and outdoor rides. I’m sure this is being worked on.

Thanks Jason. I’ll stick to the Sufferfest calendar. Definitely seems way easier than Training Peaks which has a really antiquated GUI, options, settings and so on that only someone with a ton of experience with it and knowledge of cycling training would grasp.

Working through my current plan, with changes like making room for the STEP UP challenge this weekend, I would second greater functionality in the SUFF calendar. Specifically (in this instance), I would like to be able to be able to make individual changes to a plan, say drag-and-drop to change a day, or swap out an individual workout on a day.

For instance, I noted today that I have I just want to ride as an endurance/recovery ride today, that I just did Sunday. Great video, don’t want to do it today, also want something a little longer, so I’m plugging in Rêves D’Enfer instead. Would be nice to be able to select that ride as “planned”, have it show up on the day’s calendar, and be able to drop the other so that it doesn’t show up as a missed ride.


Just to rekindle this topic, I emailed the minions and waiting to see if there’s anyway to do this. Like today for example my workout is open 120 and it’s 55 degrees and sunny in Chicago land so I would love to be able to take that workout outdoors. To do that however I need to get the SYSTM workout into training peaks, so that training peaks can upload it to my head unit.

I’ll update what the minions say can be done and how to do it.

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@toddsdonald Open: 120 is just 65% of your FTP for 2 hours. You can definitely do that outside and then just mark the workout as done and it will turn green. At some point SYSTM will add the ability to either import or perhaps record outdoor rides but that isn’t available yet.

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Thx, Great idea and that’s exactly what I did.

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