Trainning plan during illness and Recovery

During this pandemic we have seen many of our sufferlandrians fall into sickness. During this Couchlandria suffering we struggle to keep our health and not feel guilt for not riding our bikes or not to be following a plan.
Our beloved minions could place a plan especific for these hard days, including such as breathing to calm down, sleep to recovery and so on. That we could have the feel to be working on our progression.
As well it would be very wellcome a trainning plan focused on the Way Back from illness, that could take in count how long did you had to stay out of suffering and on a safe road bring you back to sufferlandria.


Hey Alex,
Thanks for your message, I know alot of us have been getting the wrong kind of suffering recently. Thanks for the plan suggestion, we will look into this. in the meantime I can suggest a few other options:

  • Fitness Kick-Starter: An all round plan to get you back up and running after a visit to Couchlandria
  • All In: Plans targeted at our additional content (strength, yoga, mental toughness).
  • Building Blocks: A base building block is good to get the engine restarted and ticking over again

Indeed. Iā€™m just about start trainning block FTP towards e full recovery