Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle Week 3

Hi all, sorry for the delayed notice. We’ll be meeting this week at 20:00 GMT / 1pm PDT on Wednesday 3/24.

This week’s topic is Positive Self Talk!

If you want in, let us know in the comments and I’ll add you to the private message thread with the Zoom link/details.

I, for one, have been surprised in these exercises by how much of my negative talk in the SUFF app consists of swearing.


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Also a requirement for changing the battery in a Wahoo cadence or speed sensor! @&$#!!!

Ok here is my part of the exercise after today’s workout.
Workout: The Rookie
This happened after a hard week with many workouts, plus the STEP UP challenge at the end of the week.
I was somewhat tired, but i managed to get through it.

Motivational: On the last interval “Come on, 1 more to go” and especially on the last 3 minutes “You have less than 1/10 to finish, noone gives up at the end”

Instructional: Some general advices that i usually say like “relax your hands” and “stand up to stretch those legs a bit” on the recoveries.

Reward: Actually nothing, but i kept thinking that after the shower i have to go to the market, where i bought some cookies, sooo maybe this counts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s mine

Workout: The One We Can’t Talk About

You got through the warm and Round 1 with no recovery! You can do this next one.

Keep your hands loose, shoulders down, elbows relaxed.

Happy to walk away from that one! (And a shiny new badge too!)

Next time: Do the focus exercise from week 4 right before the workout


Random announcement

No separate thread for week 4 - it’s the focus exercise!

Workout: A Very Dark Place

Just take every interval by itself, and each minute by itself.

Keep pedaling uniform, see if I can still wiggle my toes (not always successfully).

I completed it the first time I did it, got a Xert breakthrough, and saw my VO2 max (as calculated by my Garmin) go up. That means my MAP should have improved which was the goal for the workout.

Next time: Do a better job of anticipating the necessary shifting when the cadence goes low and the power increases by a large amount. You get a 10 second warning for a reason!

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The first rule…



Workout: Upper Body A

What I said: Do what you can to get through this.
What can be improved: You got this. Your core is getting stronger.

What I said: Keep good form
What can be improved: Keep your legs straight and shoulders down (Full Twists)

What I said: Get on the bike and get Cash Register done.
What can be improved: Well done! You completed this session again!