Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle Week 2

Week 2 is all about “Getting Positive” and "Remembering Why” (you are doing this).

We will talk about stop stops signs and roadblocks and being our own coaches to be successful reaching our goals.

Aiming for Tuesday 3/16/21 at 20:00 GMT which is 1 PM PDT.

If you’d like to be added reply to this post and I’ll send you the Zoom link.


I assumed from our previous exchange this was happening. Add me in please.

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Excellent. I can’t seem to figure out how to get back to it!

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Part of this week’s MTP is remembering why. One of the tips is to put your actions into a reminder app. Drop the reminder in, add a recurring weekly time and day, and boom, the reminder pops up on my phone.

Here’s part of the list of reminders I’ve created to help me remember why.


What I am doing tomorrow.


Nice ride, have a blast and focus on the fun, not the destination. I/we will be searching of pie tomorrow!!


@ErickT All are really great. I really like your last point. I am going to use that one for my next race.

@ErickT What camera are you using that superimposes the route and metrics?

I forgot to mention - it’s not my video. Maybe ask In the YouTube comments?

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@GJStache53 How did it go???

Well, I raced yesterday. I missed my time + speed goals and had the additional challenge of sinus + ear pressure and pain. I did have a lot of fun on the course. The trails were perfect, the climbs with the wind were exactly what I wanted. There were a few moments of “you’re not doing well, you’re not good at this, blah, blah, blah.” It may sound strange but as soon as I realized that dialog was starting I would say (out loud) “stop sign”, then pick something to refocus my mind on. “Oh a 9% climb coming up? Last FF you had a huge AC increase - use that. Stand up, climb, and pass these guys.” You know what? It worked. Even into the the wind. I also realized that my back and I prefer to stand on the steep climbs rather than sit as we are often coached to do in MTB. Definitely and MTP victory!


Awesomeness, you put into action what was expected … FOCUS works.