Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle Week 1

Hi all, the Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle will be meeting this Monday, 3/8 @ 8:30 am PST.

Following Week 1 of the program, we’ll be talking about our 2021 goals and identifying our Mt. Sufferlandria.

We do have some spots still open if you’d like to join.


I presume everyone should have read the first 8 pages of the Mental Toughness Workbook before we begin?

Not a bad idea. I don’t think I’ve read those yet.

For those who have not read it, it explains the motivations for the program, the four habits, and the weekly progression. It also has an endorsement from Coach Neil.

The Adobe copy of the notebook is editable, so you do not have to print it out to make your entries.

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Took time to read the first 9 pages this morning.

A few things that stood out.

  • Training our minds may be more important than training our bodies

  • Improving our MTP helps us improve our resilience

  • There are four habits of the mentally tough

  • The Strong Focus and Positive Thinking Habits are where I think I have the most work to do

  • I’m excited to go through the program again.


I can’t agree enough with your 4th point.
That’s my main focus for the past weeks as well.


I’ve also started reading this book.

The Mental Toughness Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Facing Life’s Challenges, Managing Negative Emotions, and Overcoming Adversity with Courage and Poise

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This is great!


Thank you Cody

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Great chat today @lapingv755 @Heretic! I really enjoyed hearing about your goals and look forward to cheering you both on (virtually)!


Such a great idea, guys!


Brilliant to get together on this!

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Sorry I misses Mondays meeting as I was outside taking care of my own MT between the wheels.

How many people are participating in the MTP?

That sounds wonderful - hope you had perfect weather for it. Counting you we’d have 4.

Here’s my Mt Sufferlandria for 2021: 12 hours solo at the Oregon 24/12 / WEMBO 24 hr Championships - ride 100 miles (9laps).

Supporting goals:

  1. Complete the In-Season XC plan with yoga, strength, MTP by May 30th - ending with the Sister’s Stampede XC race.

  2. Add in a short upper body strength session each week.

  3. Compete in at least two other XC races before July 1

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Ok, I did “Establishing the Goal Setting Habit” this morning. Here’s my plan for the next 5 weeks.

What are your goals for the next month?


Hi all. Sorry - a bit late on this. Looks like a great idea. Are you doing the meetings via Zoom or similar? I am in Australia, so not sure if I can make the times work for me.
I have done the MTP once before but often struggle with bits of it - making good goals, rewards, etc.


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Hi Chris, I have done MTP twice and helped couple friends out with this program. I am here as a Mentor I believe as I am not actually doing the program just offering help. Message me in here anytime.

Hi Chris we are meeting via Zoom and sharing here. Would be happy to find a way to have you join.