Unofficial MTP Mentoring Circle?

Wondering if anyone would be interested in forming an unofficial MTP mentoring circle?

Here’s what I’m thinking.

  • Begin the week starting Monday March 8
  • Run the full 12 weeks of whatever plan you are on
  • We’d have 1 topic a week to discuss based on that week’s MTP workout
  • Limit the group to 12 - that means everyone owns a week to lead
  • We could use Zoom or Clubhouse or Google Meet for the weekly meet up

This sounds very interesting.
Unfortunately, i have already finished my first month and i will only have a month left by the time the group starts.

Could always take another run at it! Being on plan is more of a guideline than a requirement - would make the conversations easier I think.

I would be interested. I have done the MTP, but it is clearly not something with which one is one and done.

Reviewing my MTP notebook, I notice there is often more than one habit discussed in a week, so I do not know if restricting ourselves to one topic a week makes sense. For example weeks two and three have modules on both positive thinking and strong focus. We might have to divide a weekly session in two parts.

Ok, if everyone can join even on an existing MTP or who has completed one previously, then definitely count me in for that.

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True and a good call out. To keep things simple for this first attempt, I’d leave it open to the individual that leads that week’s discussion to pick one habit.

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Ok, you are in!

I’m officially in Clubhouse. I see that it is audio only :+1:. I’ll need to see if a discussion can be made private.

Bumping this up. :slight_smile:

So far we have @lapingv755 @GJStache53 @Heretic and me!

Anyone else?

Still looking for a few more to join the circle.

I forgot to ask, if you want in. what time zones are all of you in?

EET on winter
EEST on summer

As for the app:
I have Skype, but i can also install Zoom, because i know i will need it soon.
Other than these, one app that i’ve been using a lot is Element. Try it if you have time.
It’s open source without a central server. Not sure if any of you care about these things, just mentioning.
I would appreciate not having to install another app just for our talks.

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Let’s see where everyone is located first. If it’s not doable live then I’ll create a forum thread each week.

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I am in the Eastern US Time Zone.
I am also curious who has or has not done the MTP already?

I have completed it a few times.

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I have done it once, but I have repeated portions several times. I do Relaxing to Recover every week. In fact, I did it after every day of the ToS except for the last one.


I’m in the Pacific Time Zone.

So we have

Eastern European Time @lapingv755
Eastern Time @Heretic
Mountain Time @GJStache53
Pacific Time @ErickT

Based on that evening EET / morning PT seems ideal to talk.

Is there a day that works best for everyone?

I’ll be doing the In Season XC Plan - Monday and Thursday appear to be recovery/rest days so those could work. I’m currently open to pretty much any day for now.

Since I usually do the workouts in the morning, any weekday would be best for me given the time suggested. Weekends would not work.

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Suggested hours and days are fine for me.

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How about 6:30 pm EET / 11:30 am EST / 9:30 am MST / 8:30 am PST on Monday?