Iphone fun

I use an iPhone on my bike to run systm/suff. This morning my calendar was empty, all previous and future workouts gone. I got in a bit of a panic because if I loaded the training plan again it would start at the beginning, and if the situation fixed itself there would be double workouts to do.Truely epic. Turning the phone off and starting again resolved the issue. One ongoing thing with the phone is that whenever there is text at the top of the screen, it is impossible to read while riding.White text against a light background.If it as a translation text you end up doing the workout without a clue of what is happening in the video. I know a lot of us use desktops/iPads and other big screen options, but there must be a few of us struggling with tiny text on a phone

I will sometimes get this issue in Windows, but if I just let the app sit open for about 20 seconds the calendar refreshes itself and all my workouts show. I had it happen on my iPhone once, but like you I closed and re-opened and it was all there. Hasn’t happened to me again, since.

What model iPhone and iOS are you using? Has it happened more than once, or just the one time?


iPhone 8 I believe. This is the only time this has happened and I put it down to teething probs with new app.The iOS is up to date. Sometimes I get the calendar delay as you mention, I believe this is down to internet communication, it just takes a while to load everything

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I would assume that there is a sync delay when the app starts up. It is probably checking to see if there were any modifications on the server that have to be applied to the local copy.