Ventoux Cingles attempt

I’m going to be attempting the Cingles (all 3 road accents up Ventoux in September), will following the Mountain Fondo training plan be enough prep for this?


Hi RiazRJ, welcome to the Wahoo Forums! Generally speaking I would say yes, but could you give a feel more details on the ride? Would this be a multi day adventure? How many miles? How much climbing? What are the average grades?
Thanks in advance!

  • Coach Corey

Hi Corey

the Cingles is the 3 accents up Mount Ventoux using all 3 roads. thats a total ascent of 4400m over 140km

the first climb from Bedoin average grade is 7.5% with max grades of 12.5% total climb length is 22km
the second climb from Malaucene average grade is 7.5% with max grades of 14% total climb length is 22km
the third climb from Sault average grade is 4.5% with max grades of 12.5% total climb length is 26km

the objective is to complete all 3 climbs back-to-back on the same day :slight_smile:

i don’t have any really long climbs around where i live but i have plenty of climbs that have similar gradients to experience but i think the longest length is maybe 800m max.

let me know your thoughts

Here’s the info Corey: Cycling route Cinglé du Mont Ventoux - 135.5km & 4420 total ascent

It’s a 1 day event. To ride the Ventoux from the 3 different paved approaches, within the timespan of 24 hrs.

I’m doing the Cinglé myself in about 2 weeks.

Profile to be found here: De Kale Berg - De Cinglé

Scroll down to ‘profiel en route’. There you can see the approaches for Bédoin, Malaucène, Sault.


Best of luck, can I ask what training you have done?

hi Corey, let me know if you need anything additional?
looking forward to your thoughts

My preparation failed.
The plan was to do the Mountaineous Fondo first, then complete the remaining weeks with FTP blocks.
However, injury happened and I ended up having to take quite some rest. I did 3 Ballons Gran Fondo 2 weeks ago, and succeeded at it after weeks of not training. And now I am more or less just riding outside whenever I can, getting used to the European heat while I’m at it.
I will not train indoors any more, it’s too late for that anyways. I will do the volume the upcoming 10 days and then just trust on my legs and my perseverance. :laughing:

edit: yes, I know, this advice is useless :smiley:


best of luck buddy, all the best laid plans and all that. i’ll have to have a look at that Gran fondo it not one i’m aware of.
the good thing about the Cingle is you have all day to complete, plus there are plenty of coffee shops :slight_smile:


Hope this goes well and you have good legs on the day. :+1: :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :+1: