Training Plan Advice for Dirty Formosa

I’m planning to join this event - Velodash

The total Distance is 100.6 km and the Elevation gain is 3,604 m

I’ve checked the pictures and google maps and it seems it’s mostly country roads with some dirt roads so I need some advice on what is the best plan for this is event. Shall I do 40-62 Mile Gravel or Mountainous Fondo?


Hi there, and welcome!

Not a coach myself, but I think you can’t go wrong with either one.

The Mountainous gives you a bit more climbing training and is pretty much what you’ve signed up to do: a long distance climbing event.

What you could do is load 'm both into your calendar and have a look at what workouts are in store for each and pick the plan that suits your liking.


Looks like a great goal and event you’ve got here!
I think the gravel and mountainous fondo plans would both suffice, as both incorporate climb training, though the fondo plan may have a bit more. The gravel plans assume there will be a good amount of climbing in your event, since we haven’t seen too many, if any flat gravel races. But, 3,604m is a lot of climbing in 100km, so I’d do as @TrapMeSuf suggests- load both and choose the one with more climbing workouts, or the one that you think suits your needs the best. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the ride!

Thanks for your replies

Follow up question, how do I know which workout is better for climbing?

Like on a particular day, Gravel has 14 Vise Grips workout while Mountainous Fondo has Butter workout

Looking at the 4DP focus graph, 14VG has a focus on AC and MAP, whereas Butter focusses more on MAP and FTP.

Climbing wise, I’d go for Butter.

14VG is good for the ability to closing gaps (or opening them)

Sounds great

Thanks again! :+1: