Low res version please!

I live in an area with very poor internet coverage & my options limit me to slower connections & data restrictions. Can we get lower resolution videos please?
I’m now doing much of my training in ‘no vid’ mode & feel I’m missing out.

I don’t have any signal where I train, so I download the videos in advance.


Why don’t you download the videos in advance?

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Guess I was not clear; I don’t have a good connection anywhere to download - have tried local library for their wifi, but they are closed now for Covid.

I do have internet at home, but being rural the signal is really poor & it takes hours (literally) to download each video.

Try just downloading overnight?

Try hotspot on your Phone? Are is that also bad?

Thanks for getting back to me. For example, I have a hotspot from Verizon, It took 6 hours to download Strength Intermediate 1B to my ipad.

I’ve pretty much given up to be honest and will train without video. it’s really disappointing. Do you know if it’s potentially a iPAD issue? I have wondered if that’s the case, but I don’t have an alternative to try.


I think videos only download while the app is open? I tend to download the apps in the afternoon before doing my sessions after work. It was a couple of times I started a download just before my kid got home from school and took the iPad. They closed the app and the download must have stopped because the video hadn’t finished downloading over an hour later, normally takes about 5 minutes.

Hi Richard, I don’t use any apple products at all. Do you have a windows computer to test if it’s the iPad itself that’s the issue. Or just your internet speed is just crap?

Hi Richard - could you do me a favour and send the minions (SUF help) an email at theminions@thesufferfest.com (if you haven’t already) to see if there’s anything that they’ve had to help with rural internet speed issues before?

The other thing - have you run a Speedtest test a few times?
Can you download the Speedtest app if you haven’t already, and run a few tests (I use this app (by company called Okla) all the time - it’s handy fir this stuff) and either post info here or shout me directly if you’d rather by PM.

Re the iPad - just in case - what version I’d iPad/what iOS and how much space is available on it (you can interrogate available space from within settings, general, about tab)
Apols if this is stuff you’ve already done/know.

Cheers, Martin.

@Richard10076 will try and keep and eye on this thread and respond as soon as I can. And if we get nowhere then the parallel request to The Minions will probably Help more

Yes, I can send a note to the minions and see what they say, thanks!

I’ve run the speed test previously work a work related “Zoom” issue and the response from our company’s help desk was “if that’s what you have, we cant’ help you”. Honestly, I don’t recall the numbers, but to the question earlier in the thread, yes, the internet is “just crap” here.

I’m using a AT&T home based hot spot type device, it’s the best solution I’ve found as of yet (including satellite). I have the Verizon hot spot as a backup & also tried a T mobile solution.

I’ve not thought about whether the issue is related to whether or not the app is open, I’ll have to try that idea though - that’s an interesting twist.

Thanks all!

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So, minions contacted & after the re-install of the app (which of course deleted all the vids I had previously…) the response is ‘sorry about your luck’.
No apparent plans to make lower res versions of the vids, so I’m back to youtube and the workouts without video.
Frustrating, but part of the tradeoffs for where I"m living I think.
Thanks to anyone who made a suggestion, definitely appreciated.