Videos Available

Enjoyed the knew Knowledge Podcast about Lunges!
I could hear Dr Jinger working Eddie in the background while coaching him on good technique. Any chance these videos are available to learn good techniques?


+1 for VIDEOS! Frankly, I started listening to the podcast for only a short while before I just turned it off because WITHOUT VIDEOS of this kind of discussion, I really can’t grasp it well enough to learn much. I really wanted to gain the knowledge but some things just need to be ILLUSTRATED VISUALLY!
I went out looking for videos on LUNGES on YouTube because I really want the benefits if I can learn proper form and muscle activation. I do 2 specific Foundation Training videos on a very regular basis because they have done exactly this: taught me proper form and muscle activation.
So much so, in fact, that the roughly 20 minutes I spend doing those 2 workouts has helped me deal with and control and mostly eliminate low back pain from my daily experience.
I SUSPECT that lunges has the potential to add another layer of needed strength in my body, but I couldn’t “get it” from the podcast. :confused:

One possibility would be providing links or info to videos by others if there isn’t something that matches the podcast coverage?


Just to add…During the discussion on types of lunges forward stepping lunges are definitely not recommended yet they are still included in the Strength Training videos. I did one of the full body ones just now and they are in that series and are also in some of the other workouts too. If they are that bad should these videos be modified to suit?

I grasped the lunges part but after that, without something visual, I was lost even though I have done the downward dog/forward leg/hip stretch thingy before in other strength sessions.


Similar here, it’s the only Knowledge podcast i’ve ever switched off - love the science, the advice, and the banter, but this episode just did my head in in the end :frowning:

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