Wahoo App/Treadmill/Garmin Forerunner 255

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question, but I’ll ask. Please redirect me if necessary.

Today I attempted to record a treadmill run in the Wahoo IOS App with my connected Garmin Forerunner 255. Even though from the App it appears that it should get heart rate, speed, and cadence, it only got heart rate.

Should I expect it to pull the speed and cadence data from my forerunner? If so, are there any ideas about why it is not doing so?

Thanks, Mark

I don’t think that information is broadcast by the Forerunner. Just the heart rate.

That’s my thinking too. I wonder if a foot pod would pair with the app and provide that data. When I used Zwift, I used their foot pod to feed that data to Zwift running. I’ll test it when I return home from this trip and can get my foot pod.

Well, I tried the Zwift Run Pod and got mixed results. After pairing it with the Wahoo App I made a first attempt and it failed, but I noticed that in the sensor settings screen, it was getting step counts. I assumed a low battery.

Second attempt when I started a workout I ran for 3/4 of mile before the app started getting data from the run pod and then it was a much different pace than my Forerunner was reported.

Overall, I don’t think the run pod is the solution.

I’m curious how others record a treadmill run on the Wahoo App to get stats like HR and Pace.

Update. I completely forgot about the Virtual Run type of activity in the Forerunner 255. Using that activity type instead of an indoor run sends steps and pace to the Wahoo Fitness App perfectly!

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