Wahoo App (v.6.x) and lack of running calibration


Why has wahoo removed running calibration from the latest Wahoo app version? On the treadmill the speed is off about 20%. Previously I could calibrate and the speed would only be 1-3% difference.

I have had a few HRM belts from wahoo and use them for running. I’ve used different apps on my iPhone. I use iSmoothRun for outdoor running (great for intervals), Strava for skiing and other workouts, and Wahoo app for treadmill runs.

I recently bought the Wahoo Tickr X to use it for treadmill runs but annoyed that I no longer can calibrate.

What are your thoughts? Is this something the Wahoo team can consider reintroducing?

Regards from Norway :norway:

@haakonkalbakk I am not familiar with that feature in the app but have seen a distance adjustment on the Rival watch to make corrections after finishing a run on a treadmill.

My understanding is that the older version of the app had a lot of technical debt and didn’t allow for building new features or even keeping up with software changes from platforms like IOS and Android so my guess is that they launched the new app with as much parity as possible and will likely add in those missing features in the near future.