My review of Wahoo Rival

My review of Wahoo Rival

  1. Pros of the watch:
  • Easy to use

  • connects to other devices

    • it is possible to set pulse, power, and tempo zones. (it helps a lot during training)
    • they lie nicely on the hand
    • it is very easy to start sports activities
    1. Disadvantages of the watch and not only:
  • the watch cannot be used to the full extent for training. (it is not possible to record structured training)

    • only after the second replacement of the watch, I was able to use it in swimming, this is a problem for many
  • after half an hour, the connection with ELEMENT BOLT disappears and it is permanent (multisport transmission disappears)

  1. For me to add:
  • This is a triathlon watch, it has contactless transitions, but it does not always work well and not in all sports. I would suggest adding contactless transitions between all multi-sport sports such as: duathlon, aquathlon, extreme triathlon and others. Because this function works well in apple watches. How did Apple manage and Wahoo not?
  • The most important pain is that it is still not possible to fully make structured plans and record them on the watch. It’s been a long time, I can only use the training peak. But I want to use Wahoo systems. Why do I need other programs, I bought a Wahoo watch, I bought a Wahoo Bike Computer, and I still have to spend money on subscriptions to other programs. It is not profitable. If putting together a structured workout is difficult for Wahoo systems or not possible, I suggest adding more partners to record structured workouts on the Wahoo watch. Competitors have such a possibility.
    I’m a triathlete, the Wahoo watch suits me. But there are important shortcomings that encourage me to buy another brand and this is very unfortunate.
    This is my opinion about the Wahoo Rival watch, because I have been using it for many years. I wish you success.

Please excuse my English, I use a translator.


No worries, @Sententiya. Thoughtful review and well said!