Wahoo Spindown will not complete

I’ve done multiple spindown tests, but the test will not complete. I’ll get the wheel speed up to to 23 MPH, and the test just continues.
Any ideas?

What trainer do you have and which app are you doing it in?


With my Kickr Core I find that if I’ve been using Systm first the spindown won’t work even though Systm is closed on my laptop and the Kickr appears to be connected to the Wahoo app on my phone OK. I have to:

  • Shutdown the laptop
  • Pull the power lead out from the Kickr, wait for lights to go out then plug the power in again

After that the spindown works without issue

Hopefully this may work for you.

FWIW: I don’t have a Kickr Core, but a while ago I had issues with my Saris Hammer trainer and Systm where it would stop communicating during a workout. I found that if I cycled the power on the trainer it would work again. Pausing the workout, getting off the bike to cycle the power, and getting back on to resume the workout was a real pain. So, I got a set of cheap remote controlled outlets on Amazon so I could quickly cycle the power on the trainer without getting off the bike, or even pausing the workout.

I never had that issue with other apps like Zwift and Trainerroad. In any case, the problem eventually went away.

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I regularly have heart rate monitors disconnect from SYSTM when restarting a workout or finishing a workout and starting a new one and not be able to reconnect. This seems to be a common occurrence with other users as well, and various arcane nostrums involving cycling power, cycling Bluetooth, etc. only randomly seem to work about 20-30% of the time.

Similar to Saddlesaur, this hasn’t ever happened to me in any other cycling apps, even (somewhat ironically) RGT.

I suspect the SYSTM code handling Bluetooth connections is just some combination of kludgy, outdated, and/or not very robust.

I’ve also had this trouble but then realised I’d forgotten I had the “control with ant+ power” turned on from using the kickr with another bike. It’s worth checking that isn’t on and causing it not to spin down