Wahoo Systm Mountain Fondo Plan or Weekend Riding With Friends

Have started Mountain Fondo Plan. Every Saturday based on the plan is tempo riding, mostly 2 hours. Sunday riding mostly is endurance 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4 gradually. I’m loving the endurance ride… but I wish I can cycle on Sunday with friends outdoor.

Question 1:
If I wanna cycle on Saturday or Sunday outdoor… how can I rearrange the ridings, don’t wanna miss the plan.

Question 2:
If I can cycle on Sunday outdoor, do I do the tempo riding on the Saturday? just worry it will be a bit taxing. Cause the group ride anything goes…;-).

any advise will be awesome!!

thank you!!!

Sounds like you’re on the right track already with how you’re thinking about this.

One option is to do the endurance ride Saturday and have the (harder) group ride replace the tempo workout, basically flip the order and replace the tempo with the group ride. You’ll just want to see how this goes and make sure you don’t end up feeling too fatigued for the hard workouts the next week bc of the shorter recovery from the harder weekend ride.

Other option is be super disciplined with the group ride and make it endurance. Endurance group rides can be pretty good thing!

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hi @devolikewhoa .

Thank you so much for your advice and sharing. Something for me to look into and learn to adapt.

Thank you again!!!

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