Wahoo Systm or Systm?

On my Macbook, I have both an App called Wahoo Systm & one simply called Systm. The Wahoo one is only 170Mb whereas the Systm is 447Mb. They both look identical & I can use them both on my Wattbike Atom X. Are they both the same App? Because of their size, there’s clearly there’s something different about them but I’m unsure which one to keep. Regards

One might just be an older version.

This is the icon for the latest version on a MacBook Air (intel)
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 7.39.47 PM

The version number can be found by opening it, tapping SYSTM at the top left, then About.
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 7.41.10 PM

Once you do that, you should see the version number:

Most current is 7.57.0

Thanks for the quick reply Glen, both are 7.57.0 :man_shrugging:

Is it possible that you downloaded one for the MacOS Silicon and one for MacOS Intel?

If so, you might want to delete them both, get a fresh download of the right type and reinstall. This may mean any downloaded vids you had saved may also get deleted but you won’t lose any progress you’ve made or plans you’ve added as that stuff is all kept in the cloud.

Thanks again Glen, sounds like the best option. Cheers

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