System making MacBook Air Freeze


All of a sudden System has stopped working on my MB Air. When I open the app, the whole laptop just freezes then shuts down.

I have just upgraded to the most recent OS Monterey. I’m on a 2018 MacBook and its still happening.

I trained today using my phone but ideally would like to be on a larger screen.

Any thoughts?



Hi @David_Loeffler


I run SYSTM off a MacBook Pro with latest Monterey - once I’ve had an issue and uninstalling and re-installing helped. Worth a try if you haven’t done that yet.


@David_Loeffler, I’m on a 2021 MB Pro M1 and also have occasional issues.
A couple of things that have worked for me:

  1. Disconnect the Wahoo app on your phone (bluetooth issues)
  2. Download the video (internet issues)
  3. Reboot your machine (resource issues)