Wahoo Wednesdays | Let the SYSTM team hear your feedback | October 27th 2021

Use this thread to discuss Wahoo SYSTM… how to make it better… what you want more/less of… you name it

Here are the rules for this thread:

  • Post your constructive feedback and/or criticism and/or discuss the comments posted by others in the thread

  • Be respectful at all times

Thanks! :volcano:

  • make streaming as bombproof as possible with as long a list of troubleshooting examples attached, as it reflects poorly at the moment.
    (For example, sometimes it might be GPU and o/s related but people will get frustrated by answers like that … so some examples of GPU issues we know about might help (and what can be done of course))

  • consistent HR targets. Either make the videos ‘intelligent’ where some stay in different zones because it is expected that HR won’t have come down in intervals, or don’t (rather than some do, some don’t). Heads off other questions

  • our own suffer/fatigue scoring

  • when have we done videos previously and all sorts of filtering / sorting around that

  • easy to find past results


I may have posted this elsewhere already, but what I’d love is to block out a certain day / days in the week when setting up a training plan. I can’t do Saturdays for example, it would be good to have the planner account for that.


I was thinking about a new video category while I went through next month’s Building Blocks → Base plan in my calendar, swapping new inspiration videos and no-vids for ones the app has delivered to me before (which, BTW, the app should do for me. It should know my history and favor new-to-me stuff that hits the same general wickets as my previously-completed stuff). I find education to be engrossing. You, SYSTM, have got me for hours and hours, all winter long. Don’t just amuse me. Make use of my time on the trainer to teach me something!

To that end, I propose a series of “How-To” and “Basic Knowledge” videos to ride along to. Topics could include:
*Care and maintenance of your trainer.
*Basic / Intermediate / Advanced bike mechanics
*Roadside Repairs 101
*How to set up a commuting / bikepacking / touring rig (what you need and how to pack it)
*Road / Gravel / Velodrome / Cyclocross / Mountain Bike / Triathlon Racing 101. What to do in your first race.
*History of the world’s biggest bike races (i.e. why should I, Joe Sixpack who just wants to get or stay in shape, care about the Giro d’Italia?)
*How to make your bike harder to steal
*All about wheels / electronic and manual shifters / chains / bicycle geometry / cycling shoes & clips / bars (i.e. would should I buy butterfly bars instead of drops, or vice versa?)
*Types of bikes. How is a randonneur different from a climbing / aero / tri / commuting / touring bike?
*History of various endurance sport companies, like Trek and Shimano, Surly and Wahoo.
*Road racing for Spectators: what am I watching? What’s the deal on the different jerseys? How do teams work? How are points allotted? Why shouldn’t I fast-forward to the last 10k?
*The physiology of cycling / running / endurance sports in general
*What is sports science? Of what disciplines is it comprised?
*Steel vs. aluminum vs. titanium vs. carbon fiber

Call it, I dunno, “University of Cycling.” Or UNIVERSTY. Regardless, this is the kind of thing I’d lap up like a puppy on a popsicle.

  • Add HR recording to strength workouts.

User interface improvements:

  • Stay in activity view when activity is added to a calendar instead of switching to calendar view. Calendar is always one click away.

  • Activity details for completed activities: allow to switch views between results (as it is now) and activity details including all buttons (as it is in the library). Comparing results to details would help with “how did I performed”. That would also help to delete downloaded videos for completed activities, redoing activity, etc.

  • Activity view again. Add “next / previous” to details page. It would navigate to next / previous activity in the current context. Home page & calendar context, it would be next / previous activity in the calendar. Library context: it would be next / previous activity in the list, taking into account filters and sorting order. This request together with my “stay in activity view after adding to calendar” above, would speed up populating calendar with workouts of one’s choice.

  • Make both filters & sorting order permanent for a given category in library. I would like to have my “context” preserved as I switch between yoga, strength and cycling in the library. An extra button resetting custom filter could be added too.

  • Add missing downloaded filter. Add 4DP focus filters to all cycling related channels.

  • Restore Passport (history, previous FF results, completed activities, how many times completed, etc.)

  • Fix the streaming issues. I had streaming issues with the old app only once or twice within a year. With the SYSTM app I have streaming issues every single time. Quite often video stops completely
  • Please, please bring back the switch accounts function. I’m sharing my trainer and PC and the whole log-in/log-off procedure is super annoying
  • Get rid of the awful stepper/wizard for training plans or make it optional. I’ve used the old way of seeing an overview of all plans to inspire me. I don’t want to answer up to 10 questions just to have to click again to get a text overview and having to click once more to get a preview of the real plan/schedule.
  • Offer the same sorting options in all categories/channels, i.e. entering cycling I can sort by TSS, IF, … but entering via The Sufferfest channel those options are missing
  • Bring back missing sorting and filtering options like downloaded, workout last done, …
  • Remember sorting and filtering options
  • Bring back recommendations based on strengths and weaknesses
  • The rider profile diagramm should contain a kind of rating like before (good, average…)
  • Remember devices last used, i. e. select the cadence sensor last used and not the one that is detected first

Regarding Sufferlandria:

  • Offer a dark theme with red accent color in order to let Sufferlandrians feel at home :blush:
  • Bring back “abondon me” as title theme for sufferfest videos. The new music is way to generic whereas the old one felt like Sufferlandrias national anthem and no one replaces a national anthem :wink:
  • Call the athlete profile ‘passport’ at least in a Sufferlandrian theme and make it easier avalailable. Also add the missing features from passport.

I find launching Systm without feature parity very odd. By all means promise brand-new stuff for the coming months but why leave out things that were there before? It’s a good way to frustrate some of your customers.

As a suggestion, I’d say publish a roadmap with some sort of dates for when features are coming. As you might guess, I feel particularly strongly about the features missing from the old Sufferfest app - Passport, sort orders, date last ridden, number of times ridden etc. It’s all good saying these are coming but does that mean November, December, Q1 2022 or something else?

Yes, I know target dates in software development can be hard to commit to if you run into issues but tempt us with something (especially missing functionality!). If development time is focused on nailing bugs (eg streaming issues, display issues) rather than re-adding things, I do wonder when Systm will offer everything Sufferfest did.


Drag and drop in the calendar would be a good first step for adjusting plans around my life routine.

Beyond that, in the plan builder:

  • I would like to be able to specify which days I can do strength training as I go to a gym rather than do the built in strength sessions.

  • As @TrapMeSuf suggests, being able to block out a day would make creating plans even easier. I will not train on Fridays. So right now when I add a plan I have to reschedule about 40 workouts which is a real chore.

I’ve created all the outdoor sessions from the Crit plan to go on to my Garmin and I have noticed the written descriptions are sometimes very different to the No-Vid workout. Often, they still use percent of FTP whereas the No-Vid has a section as a percent of MAP or AC. I use SYSTM for 4DP so it sucks that I have to not only create the sessions myself but also go through the workout and calculate the percentages too.

I like SYSTM and the direction with training and new videos etc, I also like @kah’s suggestion of being able to “opt-in” to Sufferlandria with themes in the app.


I agree. I am currently am on a plan that has the same ‘inspiration’ vid on a number of occasions…I’d prefer the app to choose different vids with similar workouts. That would be much more ‘inspiring’!!


As new workouts are created, I’d appreciate some videos of gravel and XC rides/races vice road. Road may always be the focus, but it would be nice to have some more variation. Also, I like bluegrass music, so perhaps some blazing fast bluegrass to go along with the off-road videos? Lastly, I’d like to see the the Sufferlandarian intro to Sufferfest videos brought back.


Most of the things I want have already been mentioned by SYSTM reps:

  1. Import outdoor workouts (rides, runs, swims, etc.)
  2. Push workouts to watches and bike head units (Garmin please, not just Wahoo)
  3. Fitness modeling (like TrainingPeaks’ fitness, fatigue, form)
  4. Calendar drag and drop
  5. Suggested workouts based on current fitness and future goals

Not directly related to SYSTM, but I am in the market for a new watch and am debating between Wahoo Rival and fenix 6. The two differences that have me leaning towards Garmin is sleep tracking and “suggested workouts”.

  1. Zero Offset option

  2. Toggle switch to force storyline to be always-on-top.
    This will allow for non-video workouts text to be overlayed on another 3rd party platform.

  3. More cycling videos

  4. A new “walk” discipline that has scenic videos. Good for active recovery days, when you just want to do a brisk steady walk.

  5. Workout Interval display, toggle switch to turn off zoom, so we can see the whole workout.

  6. Option to select an external hard drive to download videos too, instead of the user-posted cmd shortcut.

  7. Sync to apple health or similar like Withings Health Mate to sync weight.



Give me the option to choose where I want downloaded videos to go.

I want them on a different drive.

I know there are workarounds, but surely something like this would be very easy to set up as the equivalent exists in so many other programs.


Some quick thoughts:

1 - Favorites: Let us mark our favorites and make it easy to get back to them again quickly. Make videos sortable by favs and also see & sort which videos are most/least popular.
2 - Play Again button: I do Recovery Spins and Morning Yoga Routine a lot and I see if there in my calendar. Don’t make me go search thru the library to play it every time.
3 - Sorting: Allow sorting for anything and everything possible like downloaded, etc.
4 - HR for Yoga and Strength sections.
5 - Make downloads available for all platforms.
6 - Drag and Drop in the calendar.
7 - Show workouts needed to complete all the badges and which ones I still need to complete.
8 - Fix streaming issues
9 - Add SUF app theme.
10 - Add FF and rewind buttons to all videos.
11 - Bring back view completed workouts history list.
12 - Make plan builder wizard optional. Allow plans to also be chosen from a simple category list as before.
13 - Allow users to choose 1 or 2 rest days to be left empty or assigned easy recovery videos when creating a plan.
14 - Make the new Knowledge podcast accessible and listenable thru the app.
15 - Make it so we can listen to our own music while playing the app again. This is especially important for the No-Vids!
16 - Knock out a bunch of the easy user complaints ASAP to show them you’re listening and working on it. Fixing the easy bugs/features is just as important as (if not more than) developing the big awesome new features.


For me, you should be working on 1 thing and with everyone: the streaming issues


1 possibility to export trainings to elemnt / bolt
2possibility of importing road workouts
3possibility to easily move the scheduled workout on the calendar
4solving streaming issues
5other and other pro racing and on location videos
Thank you


After that, I have some deeper thoughts. Essentially, right now, the core functionality needs to work and work bulletproof.

What I means is:

  • Streaming just works: Flawless videos
  • Video timing is perfect
  • Downloads for all
  • Connect to all my equipment without too many hassles
  • Record and save 4DP info from fitness tests every time
  • Save my workouts fast and efficiently every time.
  • Show the activity record of all my previous workouts

I agree, I think some idea of upcoming features in a road map, and estimated dates would be nice and stop a lot of negative chatter in the forum

I can understand some of the features missing, like Passport if it going to be replaced by diagnostics (if thats the intention), no point porting obsolete code, but some idea of the intention / roadmap / dates would just be great, there are enough “It’s coming” comments from support people, I think a pinned read only post, would really help people

… Oh and fix the streaming


It is also useful to block out days if you have a regular group ride. You need to block out that day, and perhaps the day after for recovery.

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It would be useful to have plan notes that explain the logic behind them.

Sometimes it is obvious - longer and longer endurance rides on a century plan.

You do a very good job at explaining what we are trying to accomplish for a given workout. Doing the same for plans would enable us to make better choices when we have to reschedule, or miss a workout. To give an extreme example, I could miss all the long endurance rides in the century plan, and still have the minimal 80% compliance.