Wahoo Wednesdays | Let the SYSTM team hear your feedback | October 27th 2021

I agree, I think some idea of upcoming features in a road map, and estimated dates would be nice and stop a lot of negative chatter in the forum

I can understand some of the features missing, like Passport if it going to be replaced by diagnostics (if thats the intention), no point porting obsolete code, but some idea of the intention / roadmap / dates would just be great, there are enough “It’s coming” comments from support people, I think a pinned read only post, would really help people

… Oh and fix the streaming


It is also useful to block out days if you have a regular group ride. You need to block out that day, and perhaps the day after for recovery.

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It would be useful to have plan notes that explain the logic behind them.

Sometimes it is obvious - longer and longer endurance rides on a century plan.

You do a very good job at explaining what we are trying to accomplish for a given workout. Doing the same for plans would enable us to make better choices when we have to reschedule, or miss a workout. To give an extreme example, I could miss all the long endurance rides in the century plan, and still have the minimal 80% compliance.


Agree with many of these.

Some other wishes, which I get the impression may well be on the cards at some point:

  • sync custom running workouts to RIVAL watch
  • more multisport plans, specifically bike + run
  • mirror all past and future planned activities between SYSTM & ELEMNT companion app calendars so both outdoor and indoor rides & runs appear in both

a roadmap would go down well :slightly_smiling_face:


Cover the table stakes first, fix the streaming issues and/or provide download functionality on Android


Thanks for all the work you put into SYSTM I really appreciate it!
For me the transition was hassle free and I’m having fun with it.

  1. Official native Android TV 9 support.
  2. Download option on android with possibility to choose download location on external drive.
  3. Improved navigation with a tv remote. But buying a wireless keyboard with a trackpad is also OK.
  4. Maybe option to have a USB wire with a BLE or ant+ dongle if the trainer is away for Android. WiIll see if it is working if my built-in BLE is sufficient :wink:
  5. New Global comment field for workout notes in addition to the comment to a specific performed workout. For example “The Chores:” you need 2 bottles and do this on the second interval. So I would read this every time before starting the workout.
  6. “NoMusic” and “NoVid” icon in calendar and before workout name so I can prepare my music/movie beforehand and not lose time when I want to suffer
  7. Heartrate to strength & yoga workouts
  8. Graph of 4dp with lthr & w & kg & w/kg & rider type over time on systm from all ff and ramp tests
  9. Improved Video Quality, it’s 2021 :wink: 4k60p or at least 1080p60 where you have it available from the source material.
  10. Similar workout links in a workout to easily choose a alternative.
  11. Prefer sensors over others. Always select my dedicated cadence sensor and not the one from my kickr. I don’t want to go to the sensor screen before every ride.
  12. Win10 (and probably other versions too) possibility to customize buttons. The enable ERG Mode key is impossible with a German Keyboard Layout.
  13. KICKR Spindown in App
  14. Start workout from history / old one in calendar
  15. Flexible plan builder with possibility to choose when rest days, recovery rides etc. are happening due to a schedule, commute etc. But that’s also what custom plans are for :wink:
  16. Flexible plan with suggested exercises according to training history from the last days/weeks.
  17. (old) advanced plan selctor/quick plan preview

Things I like that are coming
18. Elemnt 4dp ride outside workouts
19. Something like ctl with outside and other workouts from all my history
20. Compare the same workout over time
21. Calendar drag and drop, copy and paste

Posterior Chain Fokus 01:
I did like the different pause duration’s in regard of the next workout
But I had problems at the first go to understand the next move in the preview. I only got it when it was explained verbally and shown in a different angle in the execute window.
I was also missing the Text Info with hints on what to do for a good form.

The new intro (after the random people) is ok but I miss the old one which always brought on a sense of anticipation.
The new outro is on par and should indicate that the sufferfest game is still going strong and will only get stronger over time.

I really like how you keep in touch with the sufferlandrian population!
I’m looking forward to the next Feature Release!


Main ask is keep up the great work.

1 More on location vids
2 multi day event training plan
3 export workouts to garmin

Thanks for asking

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Like other people have already said get the streaming fixed first and foremost, if the video buffers or skips every time you go to do a session will you stay with it probably not no matter how much you like it. Looking at a blank screen or a still picture for 30/40/50 minutes is not fun. I won’t repeat what others have said. Blocking out days is a great idea if you have something else scheduled. If we get new Sufferfest videos maybe we could get some videos which are a bit more up to date ? If there’s GCN Workout videos on site is it possible to use their coverage of races on the videos or do you need to go to the original distributor to be able to use it ? Maybe some 2019/2020 even 2021 action ? And app updates more info for what has been updated or sorted out would be better than just Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements if it’s a bug fix for the video being too big for an iPad say so. Ability to import rides from other apps through a Tcx or Fit file.

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I know you guys are working on running. I hope you incorporate input from smart watches &/or foot pods to measure stride, cadence, speed, power, etc. For that matter, there’s no reason why SYSTM couldn’t measure my speed and cadence from a phone strapped to my arm, then pick up HR from a monitor around my chest. I’d even happily purchase a Wahoo foot pod just to use with SYSTM.

My point is, there are many ways to skin this cat and bring the power of SYSTM’s training philosophy to runners. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


3D video. I don’t own a VR headset, and would buy one especially for SYSTM.

Think “Pro Rides” but Zone 2. I wanna be cruising down a country lane while Neal and Boswell are jabbering about which ice-cream flavour they think is best.

Or, y’know, make it useful; the audio-track to The Knowledge Podcast.

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Thanks for all the feedback thus far - even the critical stuff is fair and constructive. I can’t say we’ll deliver everything you’re asking for within the timelines you hope for, but everything that’s valuable-viable-feasible-useable will be considered.

Several of the critical issues mentioned, namely the poor streaming experienced by a number of athletes, are being treated with the highest priority. Streaming should just work and, on behalf of my colleagues, I’d like to apologise to anyone who’s workout was dashed by a streaming issue.

For the rest - we certainly have work to do, not least of which is proving what this team is capable of. I have faith in my colleagues and the vision for SYSTM, and I hope that the fixes, features and iterations we deploy over the coming weeks and months inspire the same faith I have.

Thanks again, and keep the great ideas and insights coming!


After the workout is done a new Button below “Save Workout” with “Save Workout and start Recovery Spin” would be really convenient.
Maybe even the dreaded sentence from every programmer “and make it configurable”. So everyone can choose his default post workout cooldown-workout :partying_face:

And If you have another workout scheduled thereafter on yor plan also "Save workout and start “next workout of the day”.


A on Screen display of the current level from “Level Mode” would nice for people like me with a goldfish memory.
Currently I permanently open the Device Screen to be able to see my current level. If I want to increase the level by one I can look for my current level and hit the n+1 button.

Alternatively or maybe even better you could introduce “Page Up” or “left Cursor” Button for current level +1 and “right cursor” or “Page Down” Button for Level -1.


+1 for keyboard shortcuts for different settings from the Device Screen(like intensity, erg/levelmode,…).

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There are already some Keyboard Shortcuts, but there could be more and the keys should be customizable or working on every Keyboard Layout:


Ooh I like this. The idea of having a ‘playlist’ has been brought up before and may/may not be of interest to people. But getting it to add on openX or something as an option would be neat.


As said before.

  • Issues with streaming videos make the app useless I never experienced this before in SUF

  • playing music with spotty fire and playing a no music video doesn’t work 90% of the times

  • I find difficult to see the data of my just finished ride

  • I would like to have the option of interacting with others in the same training (virtual team training)


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I want the things back that worked just fine in the Sufferfest app. Streaming, and filtering workouts on downloaded mostly. As it is you launched the new app with reduced functionality and tried to compensate with the promise of new stuff that is not yet available.

Beyond that, cycling plus running plans would be nice.

Pushing cycling and running workouts to other devices (Wahoo, Garmin, Polar, …) would be useful too.

I personally don’t really care for functionality where results or load from non-Systm workouts or rides are collected. Strava and Intervals are fine for me. However, if you would have an AI that would modify or adjust a plan based on those other activities, that could be a game changer.


I agree with many of the ideas above, the two I haven’t seen mentioned are:

  • It would be nice to have an option to “create” a workout so you can specify the sets and interval duration.
    At present the only method seems to be to use the slider on a no vid workout and repeat or skip sets as required. It’s not a big deal but there’s got to be a better way.

  • Similarly with yoga it would be nice if you could queue the videos automatically cutting the final resting pose to flow into a second session.


If we can’t have power matching, someway to adjust trainer resistance without altering the on screen power targets.

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