Wahoo Wednesdays | Let the SYSTM team hear your feedback | October 27th 2021

Yeah, I have done The Shovel too many times, maybe I need to substitute Violator instead. :slight_smile:

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I think some of these have been mentioned but let me share.

  1. Bring back the notification on any workout that shows if you have done it before, and when the last time was, when you click on any workout. It was a feature of Sufferfest so you own the coding technology. I find that very useful if I have finished my scheduled ride and want to add a new one that I have not yet done.

  2. Bring back the % downloaded feature, again as you had in Sufferfest. Sometimes videos download very quickly and sometimes not so much. So if I am downloading a video and it has been a while, I have no way to know if I wait just a few minutes it should finish because it is already 95% downloaded or cancel it because it has only downloaded 50% in half an hour. Now when I am ready to start I just cancel it because I no longer have that info.

  3. Add a way to change settings via a blue tooth remote. I know some people have a tablet close but that is not an option for me. I have a laptop on a table hooked up to a 43" TV. It’s great for video viewing or running a movie with the NoVid rides but I have to stop and dismount to change anything.



I propose that the app should do that for us. I’m not a programmer, but I see a logic path like this:

Day X: Climbing. TSS 53.
Filter for Climbing
Select all TSS 53 +/- 10
Sort by # of completions
Select lowest # of completions
If rides w/lowest # of completions >1 (i.e., a tie), sort by last completed
Select earliest date
If # of unridden rides >1, sort by time
Select shortest

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In the Windows app at least there is a dark circle that shows during downloading that denotes the amount that has been done. No circle = 0%, half a circle 50% downloaded, etc.

Here I have Open15 about 1/3rd done: image

I am perhaps misinterpreting what you mean though?

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  • I would love to see training plans that consider female physiology, because it does matter and there is a huge market for this. See Dr. Stacey Sims work and the community that Selene Yeager has grown from her Podcast “Hit Play Not Pause.”

  • I would like to see more human diversity in the video content.

  • Ability to block out days as non-training. I created a moderate all purpose plan 3:1 and except for rest weeks it scheduled an activity every day. I tried to manage, but on my 10-hour work days it was just too much to train. I’m a newbie to bike training and didn’t feel confident adjusting the plan myself so instead switched to the next plan down (i.e. less time/week). I could totally manage the hours/week for a moderate plan but just not as it was laid out.

  • Not everyone has a regular weekend so the ability to choose days for long rides would also be great.

  • Build in some smart planning for non-tri multi-sport athletes. Perhaps, a plan can indicate workouts that are “optional” for the week so a newbie like me know what workouts are the priority and what workouts can be switched out for another activity like a run, hike or cross country ski. This is especially true when selecting a moderate+ level training which books something daily.

  • I feel like the pace of the yoga and strength workouts are too rushed. I opted in to these in my current training plan for scheduling purposes, but plan to do non-SYSTM yoga and strength training videos on the days they are scheduled.


Would like:

  • Swap out for similar workout (so many I’ve never done!)
  • Bring back workout history list + make searchable/sortable
  • Choose 2 or 3 days strength per week Strength Training | Select 2 or 3 Days A Week
  • Import GPS route into Open XXX and have SYSTM set targets based on 4DP, focus, time Open Workouts | Import GPS Route
  • Add events to calendar and plan dynamically adjusts
  • More yoga - Abi has additional 30 and 60 minute videos
  • More off-road cycling footage in the SUF workouts and films in the Inspiration videos

leebo thanks for the reply but that is not what happens on my computer. When I download a video the circle spins all the way around continually. It never progresses as you suggest. I too am running this on windows.

I just tried it again to make sure I’m not crazy. At least on this point, I am in fact not crazy!

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Hmm. Sorry I can’t be more help then. Do you know if it is downloading at all, or jsut hanging? You can see the download progressing by looking at the file sizes, thought that won’t tell you how far from completion you are.

The reason I ask this is because it is not downloading and is just hanging then perhaps there is another issue in the mix. I don’t know if the minions can help.

The above aside, I totally agree that what you’re asking for is relatively essential.


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Yes it is downloading. A file with a video will typically download in 10 minutes, give or take. To be fair, I have never stood there and watched it the whole time. But I have never seen it where it was not just spinning.

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What else? …

Well, in addition to providing the clearly popular features lost by the switch, may I add …

Dynamic integration - apols if suggested already - I’ve tried a few SUF training programs and when riding outside @thewend I’ve tried to do something broadly similar but you have to go with the terrain, the traffic and the conditions and those rarely get close to the targets. Also many road rides are in company, which restricts things further. So I’d like the plan to consume my outside rides data (Wahoo Roam) and then adjust my remaining indoor rides in the SYSTM plan accordingly. Making it a smart plan if you like, that is able to adapt.

Performance section - once a SUF ride has been completed I’d like a percentage % score for how closely I manage to mirror the cadence targets … performance feedback on how well I ‘did what I were told’ if you like. I know this would provide me with a greater incentive to stay tuned (if only to beat my performance personal best against previously ridden results). Would be even better to get options on my ‘performance %’ to see it as ‘whole ride’ or ‘exclude the breaks/ rest sections’ or ‘from minute xx to minute yy’ on demand. Would enrichen the experience.

Health section - lots to go at here but I’d prefer a self-serve approach so two feature suggestions here along such lines (1) be great to compare my completed ride Ave & Max HR to a filtered choice of age, sex, rider type (comparing to the anonymised aggregated data your servers are holding). So you could see how you compare in your self configured category and also (2) to easily compare your Ave & Max HR against the same ride you’ve previously ridden, also showing the prevailing 4DP of each ride (in case you’ve retested since).

KickR Climb - be great if SYSTM could make the K-climb experience more immersive somehow - maybe shudder the front forks when on cobbles plus I’d vote for a larger percentage graphic (top right) and up and down arrows as climb moves might make it more immersive too.

Sufferfest changes rollback - if we could each choose just one: my vote would go to reinstate ‘Abandon Me’ intros in existing videos (and not mess with the outros - just in case that was a future intention). Make new ones with different, ones just don’t mess with the old.

Wahoo Headwind - augment a SYSTM app feature which enables the ‘SPD’ button to be set at either ‘Cadence’ (as now) or ‘Wattage as proportion of FTP’ (from 4DP). There are many times when HR is low but I’d like more cooling and the same is true of cadence: wattage/ftp would provide a more effective cooling parameter imo.

Wahoo Roam - add max gradient to display options. (not a SYSTM thing I know but maybe one for the water cooler in Wahoo hq?)


While this doesn’t address your specific request, you might be interested in this thread if you haven’t already seen it.


LOVE the idea of a performance section.


Same would love this! But this is incredibly hard given the variability in cycle length. I’m close to 4 weeks so just run a 3 hard one rest week plan configuration and tweak things by a day here and there.

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@Glen.Coutts, thank you for sharing. I had not seen that and will take a look.


@DameLisa, totally get that! I’m doing the same as you. Cheers!


I bought a bluetooth remote (~$20 USD) for my laptop (even though it’s within reach). It has a full keyboard on the underside and acts as a mouse too, if you want. I haven’t actually used it with SYSTM though because it’s generally set and forget. Maybe we just need better keyboard navigation in the app?


Thanks tunatorndo. When you say it acts as a mouse too, how does that work? Since my laptop is not within reach, the mouse feature is what I would need.

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There are a lot of different solutions for this problem. You could plug in Mouse and Keyboard or:
Classic Wireless Keyboard with a touch pad:

Mini Keyboard with a touch pad:
Probably something similar to @tunatornado with two different sides:
Remote with something akin to a trackpoint

Samsung remote with track surface:

Bluetooth Remote from your Smartphone https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.appground.blek&hl=de_AT&gl=US

And loads more if you search for it.

Typically I get along fine with my remote keyboard to play/pause switch erg/Level 1-9 and intensity ±.
I only need the mouse for starting and switching workouts and hope this will get improved over time in system so i can get along with just a tv remote or keyboard but It is OK.


I think what I have as a remote is called a “Fly mouse” and it works like a Wii remote if you’ve used one before. It does not have a trackpad. You wave it around in the air to move the mouse pointer. I have something similar to https://www.amazon.com/Rii-Multifunction-Wireless-Keyboard-3-Gsensor/dp/B01CL3ZXGO/

But like @Thomas indicated, it’s mostly useful as a keyboard replacement. I use it to play/pause background music in other cycling programs.

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Apart from the streaming bits as that’s good enough for me. I think all these “WANTS” are exactly what i’d want to.

In a similar vein, it would be so awesome if the videos in some way responded to your current performance. Obviously it’s prerecorded so you cannot chnage the actual footage but the messaging could be dynamic.

The Bat is a great example because that is all about messaging. I’m definetly a negative person and will berate myself but when a video says something like “close that gap” my thought process goes like this “that’s nonsense the gap will close because this is prerecorded video whether i stop or not” but the video text could be changed to be something like “close that gap” and then if you can see the efforts are being put it in add some encouragement such as “awesome work, you are a gap closer!” etc etc

I realise that we probably should not have the opposite which is when targets are not being hit you start calling us “useless” ! :slight_smile:

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