Wahoo Wednesdays | Share your feedback with the SYSTM team | November 17th 2021

+1 for this. Excellent suggestion.


Back for another off-season and excited to experiment with the new app, SYSTM.

The Sufferfest app used to show a ‘history’ for the last time a video was used. At present, SYSTM does not show any history. I am able to download a Spreadsheet of my activities, but this is a frustrating process to cross-compare. I often approach my training by experimenting new content and ideally would like to skim through the Yoga or Cycling page to determine which videos I have yet to complete. A simple ideal implementation would be similar to Zwift’s route completion tracker, which shows a green arrow for previously completed activities.

The new homepage UI is definitely an improvement, but I find the emphasis on PLANS frustrating. When I am starting a new season on SYSTM or simply don’t want to commit to a plan, it is difficult to determine where to start for an activity. The upcoming Zwift revamp demonstrates an effective homepage, which could provide quick insights into available activities to jump into instantly, without needing to spend time planning out an idea (or commit to a Workout Plan). This would also offer an easy way to discover new cycling or yoga workouts.

While I do like the new Explore by Channel design, the text list is not very intuitive. Similar to the Zwift UI revamp, it would be ideal to have a large thumbnail image and a simple description to get a quick perspective, compared to having to dive into each activity to understand. Similarly, it would be ideal to have some metrics to discover popular videos.

When I view Awards Page, it is hard to determine what workouts I need to complete to achieve. If I could click the icon and see the related workouts and my current completion status, that would be a great motivator for planning workouts. The Library does offer the option to filter by category, so this could be a very simple - select and be forwarded to the related filter. Alternatively, many of the awards give zero indication on what they are. For example, if I hover over Back to Back, it gives zero information to the user on how I would achieve this.

I use a Wahoo Kickr Core trainer and was disappointed to see the now Wahoo owned SYSTM has no functionality to complete a spindown or other sensor interaction.

Similarly, I just purchased a Wahoo HEADWIND and was excited to experiment with it on SYSTM. It was disappointing to see SYSTM does not appear to support the product. As my HRM is single channel, my first workout was a bit of a panic as I could not use the HRM paired setting, forcing me to switch to speed based for the workout. I have ordered a Wahoo Tickr for future workouts, otherwise will use ANT+ to use my current HRM.


Just completed The Creemee Ride activity.

Discovered the HEADWIND uses ANT+ to pair a device and the Android app has no part in this. A bit frustrating and really think the Android app should have at least a popup to better inform the user on how to pair a device. I will need to revisit this for tomorrow’s activity.

This ride was a bit strange as it had no transition noises for efforts. It also featured a stop sign where I went to pause, yet the activity still expected power. It also had no timers for the intervals, which made it hard to gauge how long the hard effort would last.

During the session, I had an issue and went to shrink the window, but instead pressed the ‘workout only’ button. This button should really have a confirmation button as it killed the video/audio and made me panic trying to get the ride audio back.

The outros on these rides which show the Wahoo marketing should really turn off power ERG & resistance levels. Even once the video was done and had the upload screen, there was still decent resistance so I couldn’t do an easy spin of my legs.

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Any chance to get switch accounts feature back any time soon? I‘m sharing my trainer and Mac with my girl friend. Sadly it‘s becoming increasingly annoying to have log off and log in again instead of just switching accounts like in Suff App.

Ride history would be more than welcome.

And please don’t forget to update your release notes page


Seeing Stryd has now Training Plans available for hours and weeks, this would be something that when Wahoo has the ability to import or export to a device would be great as the plans are there for cycling so I’m sure if Wahoo want SYSTM to be the go to App for all things fitness there’d be no problems in setting up either a Running Training Plan or Swimming or Training Plans for either Duathlon or Triathlon it would be just another reason to have Wahoo as the main training partner.


I’ve posted this separately here but would it be possible give the option for SYSTM to send cycling workout data to the Wahoo app so outdoor and indoor rides can be viewed in one place within having to dual record with a bike computer?


It would be great to see all of the notes that you make appear each time you open a workout. For example, the next time I do Nine Hammers, I’d like to see the comments I made from the previous rides. At the moment you have to go and find the workout in the calendar, open and read the notes, then close it and go find the workout to actually do it.

I have been using Sufferfest for a couple of years and love the humour and overall quality of the platform. Regarding the move to SYSTM, I will miss the making fun of the pain and suffering aspect of cycling if it goes away.

I especially like the pro-rides in the new platform. I hope more are added until you can’t remember them when repeated.


I solve that by just not remembering anything. :slightly_smiling_face:


Given the US holiday this week we will keep this thread open for ongoing feedback. Really enjoying the feedback everyone, thank you!

Want to highlight this one while I’m here. @Thomas mentioned something similar in this post a while back and I think it’s a brilliant idea! :raised_hands:


The comment comment is great. That would be a superb addition.

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I see it as one of those I didn’t know I wanted this, but now that I have it, I really get a lot out of it type of features. It also might be… … relatively easy to implement. (Maybe - who knows, really?)

(The devs are away for Thanksgiving - they’ll never catch me! :laughing:)


Hahaha, it’s ok, we’ll cover for you and we outnumber the Devs :rofl:

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Sending workouts to elemnt bolt, and being able to download info from the elemnt to the calendar and using it in metrics to inform training. It can be done in many other formats such as garmin.
It would be very helpful to be able to do this and put an already excellent package into the sphere of brilliance.

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Great idea

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It would be great to be able to drag and drop workouts in the calendar. Sometimes I need to rearrange the week because of other commitments and it’s a pain to have to change the date for each workout by clicking on it.


Thanks. I’m thinking that it could be included with the system popup that appears when a workout is started. Could NOTES be another tab along the top, like SETTINGS DEVICES and DISPLAY are now? Then, when NOTES is clicked, you could see, in chronological order (newest to last), any comments that you have made for that workout in the past.

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Thanks everyone! I’m locking this thread and opening a new one. If you have some constructive feedback for us, please share it here