Wahoo X July Challenge - The Great French Challenge


Hi Everyone,

The July Wahoo X Challenge is your invitation to step into the shoes of cycling legends and conquer the historic roads of France. Your endurance, strength, and stamina will all be tested as you immerse yourself in the epic landscapes and local culture of cycling’s most iconic region. Just complete the four french workouts in Wahoo SYSTM, which will put different aspects of your cycling abilities to the test!

By completing the July monthly challenge, the coveted monthly challenge badge will be yours. You will also be automatically entered into the competition and prize pool to win a swag bag from one of Wahoo’s sponsored teams:

  • Human Powered Health
  • EF Easypost / EF Tibco SVB
  • Lifeplus
  • Cofidis

You have all month to complete:

You can also load the training plan here

For More Information about the challenge

Please note, you can now complete structured workouts in RGT however to earn your badge you must complete the SYSTM version.


How funny, I just rode the Montmiral ride today!

Well Mike, I’ll see you again soon!

Not looking forward to Ventoux…


Great that we can just click on a link to get the rides in the calendar - is that new?

Small typo in the plan preview page, it says Workouts for the May challenge, instead of July.


@TrapMeSuf Tried it again today and would break it down as follows:

  • 10 minute ramp and sprint warm up
  • 50 minutes of sub-threshold with recovery with a few MAP pushes mixed in.
  • 50 minutes of just below threshold with shorter recoveries and some MAP pushes.
  • Finish with a 20 minute FTP/MAP test.

This workout is a beast! I hit my max heart rate during the last 20 minutes of intensity - made it through 10 minutes and then started to get pulled into ERG death spirals even after reducing the intensity so then I just switched to level mode.

I really wanted to finish this one strong today but am telling myself that I probably didn’t need the extra fatigue from those 10 minutes anyway based on what was already scheduled on my plan.

Good luck with this workout. You need your A game - there is no comfort in sight.


Thanks for the heads-up, not sure if it makes me feel better or worse. :joy:

Planned it for tomorrow, may as well get it over with.


I just did “Mt. Ventoux Dénivelé Challenge” a few days ago and wanted to give up 4 minutes before the end of the 20 Min interval. But each passing minute made it mentally easier. I’m looking forward to the next time this month :weary:.
Awesome we can win something, this is extra motivating!

But first I have to ride Goat for the Goat this weekend!


You know it’s not a workout in the classic sense, right? The profile is worked out from the rider’s actual power file for that race and adjusted to your 4DP values.


@Francois-Wahoo Yes - I definitely know it is Klara’s power file but when stepping back it is pretty incredible to think about how it would look as an actual workout. Basically those last 19 or 20 minutes are an FTP test.


Yep, confirmed. That wasn’t fun. Very helpful tips, @JSampson much appreciated :+1:


GVA must have been involved in this month’s schedule…

Just completed Mt Ventoux, and as mentioned above that was tough. Hard enough getting to the last 20 minutes and then that final block is horrible. Looked at the stats and my 20 minute effort for the video came out at my FTP value :hot_face:

On to the easy ones now then… There is no try only do :+1: (I love this SUF workout, it features some great older TDF footage especially Pinot)


I have to say, I really like these challenges. Mixed in with my regular training plan, they perfectly top things off! Thanks for putting them together.


A slight name tweak to this month’s challenge to keep everyone in that other big race happening this month happy :wink:

The goal remains the same for us though and shoutout to the 2 Wahooligans out there who have already completed! :medal_sports::medal_sports:


that’s so weird. I just noticed this, and the badge change too. Does ASO have a copyright on the word or colour yellow?


There is also an RGT event going on called “Chase the Yellow” and the two separate threads had at least been confusing me in this forum. Lol.




Just did the Mt Ventoux one. Man, the last stretch was horrible. After riding sub-threshold for 40 min, it revs up with some surges in the last 20 min :hot_face:


Sounds WONDERFUL. Will be riding it on Sunday.


Ventoux wasn’t too hard until the last 20 minutes. :scream:

I’m of two minds on this one. I’m not looking forward to riding it again even tho I would like to ride it again. :grimacing:


@emacdoug Felt the same way - unfinished business that I am not sure I want to face again but I will need to at some point. I will probably try it again during the winter months when there are no races. It is the sort of workout that could have its own 12 week plan.

Completed There Is No Try today which was easy by comparison. One more to go for the badge.


With all this talk, I’m looking forward to the climb. Beats 40C on the local mountain.

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