Wahoo X August Challenge - The Challenge of Champions


This month, the top cyclists in the world are gathering in Glasgow, Scotland to battle it out for the rainbow jersey. Now is your chance to conquer every cycling discipline in the August Wahoo X Challenge: The Challenge of Champions. Complete four workouts across Road, MTB, BMX, and Track in Wahoo SYSTM and earn the coveted badge for your virtual trophy case! :trophy:

You have all month to complete:

  1. The Sufferfest: 14 Vise Grips (Road)
  2. A Week With UCI Centre: BMX
  3. The Sufferfest: The Omnium (Track)
  4. A Week With UCI Centre: MTB Race

You can also load the training plan:


For More Information about the challenge

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

Please note, you can now complete structured workouts in RGT however to earn your badge you must complete the SYSTM version.


Oh look, it’s a Hielan’ Coo !!

:heart: :heart: :heart:


FYI the links to the individual workouts appear broken (or more accurately, aren’t actually links… they’re a tags without an href).

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And when you’re racing the MTB course, this here volunteer will be taking no nonsense from anyone on the course y’hear :slight_smile:

There’s a bunch of us here working in the courses and events next week. Looking fwd to it. Strange having something like this in our doorstep.



:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was lucky to have my first ever Velodrome ride there when I was in Glasgow in May 2019 and the Pipe Band competition and hielan’ coos were a treat.


@Rupert.H any chance of giving the RGT side a nudge? The home page displays last months Chase The Yellow Challenge and if you were looking for a new challenge with a Glasgow’ish link then a couple of laps around Dunoon would be just the ticket. It’s a stones throw across the water to Glasgow.


There’s this


There’s also the Men’s Elite Time Trial Course which starts and finishes in Stirling https://user.rgtcycling.com/magic-road?code=xI77fEArvcJl


Yikes, I haven’t done The Omnium since 2017! This one is going to hurt.


Ride of the week is MTB Race!


Did UCI BMX this morning. That was fantastic! I didn’t know I could do 105rpms at 367w standing up for 33 seconds.l! Now I do. :grimacing: And boy did those last 7 seconds hurt like h3​:ice_hockey::ice_hockey:!! But it was a blast.

Not looking forward to the MTB race. That one destroyed me last time. And 14VG is a menace.

Omnium is #9 in my KOS playlist for Aug 25, so yet another badge will have to wait until the last minute yet again. But it will get done! :white_check_mark:


Links have been updated and are now working for weblinks to the workouts are the forum does not like the direct links into the app…
Happy Badge hunting everyone!


I’ll get on it next week when I am back in work, in the meantime I had also seen @Glen.Coutts 's recommendation so head that way and I can make a challenge road for a few weeks for everyone to ride the course!


Thank you :+1:t3:


I did the 2 shorter ones today, Omnium and then BMX. It was a good choice for doubling up.

The Omnium hits in a variety of ways, none are easy, but I didn’t find any to be outrageous either. I used Level mode for the Elimination lap interval in the middle because of the super-short spike efforts.

The BMX workout was interesting. I had to try not to get too engaged in the jumps on the video because the sprint-like efforts require us to keep putting out a constant hard effort, while the jumps would require HARD-coast, HARD-coast, HARD-coast changes that don’t coincide at all with the target demand. Once I saw that disconnect, it was fine, but it took a little more focus not to want to match effort with the riders in the video.

I did find that no matter how I approached the peak efforts in ERG mode, whether holding cadence down until the demand hit, or staying up closer with cadence till the demand came, I really couldn’t get the KICKR Bike to bring the demand high enough fast enough to match the targets. So I switched into LEVEL mode for the very last peak effort and that allowed me to hit it with an extra high output, which I would like to have done on ALL the spikes.

Having said that, however, next time doing all 5 of them that way, I would have to lower my effort a little bit compared to today’s single final effort because I was really running out of gas toward the end of that last extended sprint, pulling 500W for more than half of it, so I really fought to hang in and keep 'em turning over fast! I didn’t completely buckle so I’ll take that as a small victory! :slight_smile:

Getting these 2 done back to back makes me feel better about the 2 remaining. I found the MTB a tough but fun workout in January when I was not in as good shape as now, and 14 Vise Grips in late March, with brand new FTP and MAP settings at the time, was definitely a great workout worth the suffering!


Rode Omnium today in Level mode and stayed away from the gear shifts to be true to the video.

That 1 minute effort towards the end really did me in. Cracked about three quarters in.


Nice one Sir! The SUF scientists have said that in level mode, the power you get in that last minute could be used to update your AC in your athlete profile. If it was easy…


Completely my own fault though. Massively overcooked it from the start by trying to ride it at 120% of AC:

Admittedly, not my smartest move.


OMG this never occurred to me! I’m totally doing this when Omnium comes up for me this month.