Wahooligan Tour 2023 Completed!

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this year’s Wahooligan Tour!

As the sun sets on the final stage, we have taken some time to recalculate everyone’s badges so everything should now be correct in your awards section.

Fundraising is still open, so if you haven’t told your friends and family and anyone else close to you that you have ridden the Wahooligan Tour, please take a moment to share your exploits and boost your fundraising for the Davis Phinney Foundation.

If this Tour was memorable for you, don’t forget you can purchase some memorabilia too:

Remember if you’re looking for more we do have the unofficial bonus stage too


Thanks Sir @Coach.Rupert.H! You’ve done an admirable job as the face of The Company. The wahoominati award you 8 SUF points for all your efforts.

The wahoominati are always watching. #twaaw


Xoom Xoom!


This may be a stupid question but how do I know that earned the badge for completing the tour?

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If you click on Progress → Awards in the app, you can see the Tour Badge:

If it colored (like mine), then you have earned the badge.

If you click on Details at the bottom of the badge, you can see the individual workouts, and your completion status for those:


Hi, while I have the badge under my awards, stage seven does not appear under “details” for the 2023 badge with the other stages and their green checkmarks, does that indicate an issue? Thanks.

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@Darrylracki No issue - since Stage 7 could be run on either RGT or SYSTM they don’t have a check mark for that stage.


Makes sense, thanks. Figured I should ask because I had a green check yesterday under ride details for the stage seven “celebration” video, but that check disappeared today when the badge dropped along side my other badges.


I had also seen the Stage 7 green tick yesterday, and it has now disappeared from the Details list under the badge.


Celebration Video:



Can you guys actually post the video to here, please? Or youtube, or your own servers?

I’d like to actually be able to watch it before instagram/meta insists on harvesting my information.


Not convinced Google/YouTube is any better for not harvesting information, but I agree you should cross post to Wahoo Fitness - YouTube like you did with the prior Wahooligan Tour video.

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Yup, can’t argue that, but at least they don’t force you to sign up for their services and agree to their ToS to loot your data before they’ll give you access to their servers…

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