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First, I’d just like to apologize to my SunWeb teammates that I wasn’t able to go 100% for all my pulls at the front during the Hammer Chase. TBF, though, it was Nikas that blew up at the end, not me…

Sorry, that was uncalled for. Team before self, right? But hey! 2nd place to TJV is pretty good, eh? And we podiumed over all the other World Tour teams, so there’s that! :smirk:

Okay, yeah, did Hammer Chase 1 for the first time this morning. Chapeau to those of you that get through that @ 100%. I dialed down Lap 2 to 90%, then back up for the final lap, and just barely crawled across the line. So toughest WahooX TTT…

image > image


Honestly TS is a fave of mine, and on paper supposed to be just a hair more difficult than HC, albeit a few minutes shorter. Don’t know if it was the “turn everything off and just go” that I did for HC, but I’ve completed TS before at full gas – HC handed me my tail. (Though I still did better than Nikas!). And I’ve been working FTP all summer for my 100 miler, and am riding on FF numbers from June!

Anyway, great suffering, much pain. Love the Pro Rides!


@CPT_A Definitely feel your pain. In the post workout comment section of HC I wrote “In with a bang, out with a whimper”. To date HC has been the hardest ProRide for me and I have done all of them with the exception of the Santos rides.

I did do Santos Criterium. That one is great and I would highly recommend it.

Interesting @JSampson! I’ve done 6/11 the ProRides to date. By far the Tour de Suisse and the UAE 1 were the hardest to me. Maybe it was just a bad day, but I remember absolutely blowing up on UAE at just about the EXACT same time as Demarchi did in the video. The last 12 minutes were just a blur.

:heart: the ProRides. The Norway debut at last year’s ToS was my favorite stage.

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