Warm-up and calibration spin down

Now that the sufferfest and wahoo have combined forces, it would be cool if I could do a spindown to calibrate my Wahoo Kickr Snap without leaving the SUF app. Ideally, this could be part of the warm-up routine.

With the Wahoo Kickr Snap, the wheel-on trainer, I normally do an easy 10 minute spin with just the Wahoo App open then do the spindown. I do this every 2/3 days after re-inflating the back tire. Normally, I don’t mind doing the 10 min spin and spindown before a SUF video. I use it to catch up on a podcast or center myself. But sometimes, like today when I had Cobbler, I was already feeling daunted by the time on the trainer (1h45min for Cobbler alone) and didn’t do the spindown.

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IMHO - I really dont think this is necessary as the calibration spin down is a maintenance function for equipment as it is. I would agree that since SufferFest and Wahoo have teamed up that it would make sense to have a place within the SufferFest app itself to do this. IF this is a possibility, my suggestion would be somewhere in settings under Equipment and maintenance Functions or something like this. I don’t think it should be included in any kind of “warm up” or part of a work out at all therefore needs its own exclusive category.

could be its own “activity”

It would certainly be convenient if you could do a spin-down cal within SUF. Some other Apps already have that functionality, so it’s certainly possible.