Was it you suffering on Sunday?

I did a last-minute end of season sportive on yesterday. It was a (long overdue) chance to get out of the house and go for a ride. I got to event HQ about 8am. There was a chap there who had just turned up. He looked a bit out of it. One of the organisers explained why…

It turns out he’d ridden there from home in order to enter the event.

The event was 75 miles. He’d left home at 2am to ride 80 miles to get there. On a single speed.

Sir, if you are lurking here, kudos. You showed the meaning of true suffering. Also, I hope you are still alive! Did you make it?!?

Incidentally, what with covid, injuries and very recent health issues that ride was twice as long as anything I have done for a couple of years. I’ve barely even ridden outside of late, but I have been putting in the SUF time.

I smashed it, and ignoring an easy 20k to get the legs in with an average speed I’d probably usually be happy with for just a 30k ride never mind more than 3x that.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

This. S(t)uff. Works.

The real pagne afterwards was sooo sweet, too!


More to the point: did you get home?