Weight Training App

An app that allows you to track exerises/weights/reps/ dates would be very helpful. For example, on Monday you could select the actual exercises you do (along with the weight, reps, sets). Then on Wednesday you could see what you did and the details. And by following a plan you can track your progress. There are several good apps out there already, but they are not free and it would be great to include it with the Wahoo/Sufferfest suite.

@Styx I have used this one:

There is a free and pay version. Note that if you are combining strength with SYSTM you want to be careful not to overload the work and your on bike performance will probably suffer a bit at the start but will improve as you adapt to the routine.

I’d love to see Wahoo acquire FitBod. They might help me crack the nut on striking the right balance between vanity muscles and cycling strength.

Thanks for that I’ll take a look. While cycling is my main thing, at my age (63) I need weight training to minimize strength loss as I get older.

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