What do you do when you feel like you'll DNF?

First time DNF this morning. But I’m proud of it because it means I’m pushing myself!

I’ve just started the Century training plan, and today was the third day in a row this week of workouts–none too strenuous, though. Today was Igniter + Half is Easy. I barely got through Igniter. My legs were a bit sore from the start, and pretty fatigued by the end. When I started the first set of intervals in Half is Easy, I just couldn’t rev the engine with such short (15s) breaks.

I paused the workout for a minute, took a few bites of a chocolate chip cookie, and tried to start again. I stopped altogether after a few more intervals.

When I got off the bike, I realized I could have adjusted my 4DP metrics and tried again.

What do you all do in situations like this?

I know it may sound like a cop out answer, but listen to your body. If you have been doing this for a while you will know the difference between your body telling you to slow down and your mind trying to tell you you’re not up to the challenge.

Always listen to your body or pay the consequences. Ignore the voices in your hear, that’s how you get mentally tough.


This. If I’m really bonking, I will dial down the intensity as needed. What I’ve found works for me is to dial down to say 70% to recover a bit, then work my way back up through the effort - so 70% for say 2 min, then dial the next 2 to 80%, then 90%, etc.

I’ve also just dropped into level mode and spun at a constant (lower) tempo for a bit while refueling, refocusing, or whatever. Try your best to get the effort in, regardless of the level of the effort.

That said, don’t let it get you down if you needed to stop. We’re here for health, fitness and fun…it’s not our job, and no lives will be lost if you have a bad day.



Hey @thomaslee, this is worth a read:


Can’t thank you all enough for the motivation and resources! After a few hours I attempted Half is Easy again—first set mostly at 90%, second set at 80%. Feels great to complete the workout.