What has happened with Sufferfest gear?

Using a 2021 (V5) KickR … but no idea about “intensity dial adjustment” about which you speak …. I just select ERG mode and resistance is measured out based upon my FTP … as set from my 4DP(?)


@SupaSarge What do you use with SUF. iPad? Mac or Windows. In windows and Mac the keyboard shortcut to intensity “dial” is the up down arrow keys. On iPhone or iPad it’s the gear icon and settings tab. Hope this helps.

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When you start a video, you can click/tap on the gear in the upper right of the screen and it shows all your devices. On the SETTINGS tab you can change a bunch of toggle switches. At the top of this tab is your Intensity. You can make it go up or down. This way you don’t have to fiddle with your overall 4DP numbers. You can just change it at the beginning of each video depending on how hard you want to ride that video, while your background numbers stay the same. And you can also change it mid-ride by either going back to this menu, or by using the keyboard shortcuts like @Glen.Coutts mentioned.


I usually do this in the 5th or 6th interval of 9H by repeatedly slamming the minus sign as hard and fast as I can until I can feel my legs again. :grin:

Sir Glen, Sir Evan … I am indebted. I get it now but since I haven’t tinkered with those dials so far I will leave alone.

My 4DP is 225 and my badass is:

I’ll give it a go @100% and hope I make it to the other side. Your advices are much appreciated.

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@SupaSarge 10 videos at 100% will be extremely difficult and could derail your quest. As @Glen.Coutts mentioned it is an endurance ride so you want to be at 70 to 80%. Have you done the KOS prep plan? There is a day with five videos with about 6 hours saddle time that really helps to understand how well prepared you are for going for the 10. I would recommend the KOS plan and include the MTP training if you have the time. Good luck!


You are setting yourself up for failure if you attempt 10 vids in a row at 100%. The SUF vids were designed mostly as high intensity interval training sessions that target specific areas of your individual rider profile, so, some focus on MAP efforts, some focus on FTP, some focus on AC etc. They were never designed to be ridden back to back to back at 100% and, if your numbers are accurate, you will most likely fail. Now, in saying that, you can definitely keep the suffering at 100% even if you dial down the intensity of the ride itself to 70-80%.

Of course, no one can make you do this so if you are dead set at keeping the intensity set at 100 to see how far you can go then go for it! I wish you success at whatever approach you end up taking. May Grunter have mercy on your soul!’

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Dear Sirs, I’m hugely grateful for your advice and will take it onboard for tomorrow’s Quest (thanks to all). Saddle bags are pack, sword’s been sharpened :wink: