What plan for the Marmotte?

Hi all,

Any advice on what training plan to choose for the Marmotte Granfondo Alpes?

It’s 177km, with ~5,000m of elevation gain. Consisting of long Alpine climbs; you’re either going up, or you’re going down!

I estimate it will take me approximately 10 hours.

I’ll have finished the 200 mile Gravel plan in late April. The Marmotte is about 8 weeks later, so I’m thinking I should redo the last 8 weeks of the 200 mile Gravel plan in preparation.

Any thoughts? Coaches input gratefully received!

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Will be following the responses here as I’m signed up for it as well…

My plan at the moment:

Run the London Marathon on the 21st of April. Apparently you need to run a marathon every 20years, or something. I got tricked into it… Different story.

After that I’ll pick up the Mountainous Fondo plan with strength and yoga. It worked well for me in the past to train for Liege-Bastogne-Liege, pretty sure it will work here too. The main thing I’ll be focussing on is the long rides in the weekends to dial in nutrition and pacing. I’m sure if you’ve got decent ‘saddle time’, it’s going to be fine.

How do you work out your time target? I’ve got no clue what to aim for.

It’s a rough guess on the time it will take to finish. On the day, I’ll be riding to power, so it will take, however long it takes.

Altitude and heat will no doubt play their part.

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I’ve not heard this. Given that; I’m good until 2034 at which point I will probably not be able to complete one due to having been creamated since I will most likely be dead. I’m all ready a decade past my ‘best if used by date’. :wink: