Marmotte Prep

Hey everyone,

Having had it postponed this year, next year should see me attempting la Marmotte Alpes. Very much looking forward to getting back into the Alps!!

Would the “Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo” Plan be sufficient for priming myself for this kind of event (177km, 5000m elevation).

Looks to be the closest match, but not really THAT close!


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Great question! I’m interested in this too. I’m training for the L’Etape du Tour, so roughly similar event - same distance, a bit less climbing but still very much a full-on Alpine stage).

Last year I was working to a 20 week custom Training Peaks plan specifically for the L’Etape and that did include several 7 hour endurance rides leading up to the event (which was of course cancelled!). This year I’m using SUF (as I think the structure is far more efficient), but I am planning to extend my outdoor endurance rides up to the full 7 hours again ahead of my event. If only to give confidence in my pacing, comfort and fuelling strategy. Bearing in mind I’ve never ridden beyond 6 hours previously.

Whilst I haven’t done Marmotte I did do an Everesting (my ride was about 280km with 9000m climb). I did the Gran Fondo plan but often added in extra stuff too. To help build endurance I’d often do really tough sessions to start with (eg AVDP, Hunted, Angels or whatever) and follow it off with LOTS of sweetspot work or go out for a long ride afterwards. I’d often do one of those sessions and then top it off with an additional 3 hours or so of sweetspot/tempo work.

My longest ride was “only” 7 hours, but I coped absolutely fine on the Everesting (about 15 hours).

NAIL your nutrition…it’s so, so important!