What sequence is best for multiple block plans?

Hi all,
I have done 12-week plans each of the last 3 winters - either advanced road plans, or more recently the 100-mile gravel plan. I’d like to do the block plans now.

My weakness is typically MAP. I am sure I am down in all metrics now (happens every summer since I ride more for fun than for progress after the normal spring race season). I will want to improve on NM/AC and FTP as well. I’m leaning toward MAP first, then FTP, then see how I am doing. Is there any coaching or physiological reason to work the blocks in a specific sequence?

Hey @jackriddle2,
Good questions. Welcome back to SUF!
As a coach, I would recommend you start off with the FTP block, then MAP just to get ease you ( a little) into the intense rides since you haven’t done them in a while. Physiologically it gives your body a chance to adapt better to the intensity density of the workouts. Mentally it helps by not having to question your sanity when your have Nine Hammers in the 2nd week of your plan.



Thanks COach Spencer! I notice that the volume is lower than on the previous plans. Any thoughts on that? I don’t mean that I have taken the summer off… I averaged about 150 miles/wk when weather was nicer and down to about 100/week now; rolling terrain, lots of tempo and top of Z2 work. I just did much less high intensity that in winter training.

Follow up question - can I add an outdoor ride into the block 1/week if I don’t do it on a rest day? Thanks!

Hey @jackriddle2,
That’s what I was thinking you meant (z2 and tempo over the summer) The volume is lower due to the higher intensity overall. My advice is to do the first block plan as written then assess how you feel. Remember, it’s quality vs quantity. Sometimes less is more ( to steal a phrase from @Coach.Neal.H)