What to do after the free trial?

Hi fellow suflandrians, I just finished the 14 day free trial plan, and absolutely loved it.
I immediately signed up for a year, as I cannot stop anymore.
The last year I have been living in couchlandria, due to covid i couldnt get to the office anymore, and had to start working from home. I used to kinda keep fit by cycling to work (half hour 1 way), and do a some outside rides on the weekends.
Anyways… since about 7 weeks I have been back in the sadle and trying to get fitter again. Been riding outside and on another app 3 times a week for 5 weeks, but the indoor workouts were boring. I found the sufferfest, and as said, I absolutely love the workouts and the plans, and the great after workout feeling it gives…
I hope also the yoga gets helps me get more flexible.
Now as i just came of the 2 week trial, do i jump right into a new plan, or should i first go for a pre full frontal week before i start something new? Pretty sure my legs are too tired right now, as the last 2 rides were pretty intensive!

I am not sure which plan to take either, the intensity of the 2 week trial was fine, but i might want to mix in a few outdoor rides as the weather gets better again. Any help on that is appreciated.

cheers! Ivo


Sort of depends what you want to do with your bike besides the 30min ride to work.
What’s your goal? Complete a fondo, climb a mountain, try a tri, enter a crit?
I’d say if your tired just pick a few videos that sound like they interest you targeting endurance or speed or climbing. Then, after a few days when you feel ready start the prep plan for Full Frontal - you want decent numbers from that test ASAP since everything else will be based on them.
Good Luck.

Welcome @ivo_van_der_Aa !

Thank you trainingwheels, and CPT_A.
Indeed i missed putting in some real goals. Before I had kids, I put in lot more endurance, and used to do a few big rides (like Amstel gold here in the Netherlands) a year. I want to be able to do that again with my friends, and keep up with them (they kept training, so i need to be better than before), but that is probably something for next year. Right now, i just want to feel fit and strong again.
But anyway, I think you answered my main question:, I should do the full frontal when ready, and select a plan after that. That should give me another week to think it over.

You sound a but like me. I’m on week 10 of the of the intermediate century plan and I’ve been really enjoying it. A good mix of intensity during the week and longer endurance rides on the weekend.

If you need to start a little easier there is a metric century plan too. But if you’re looking to work on endurance those might be good plans to check out.

@ivo_van_der_Aa Welcome to SUF! After the 14 day trial I went right to the Full Frontal prep week and then took the test. Full Frontal is pretty intense so read as much as you can about it in advance and try to plan out your approach. From there you may want to look at the mental toughness videos and in particular the workbook which should help you set some goals. Here is a link:

Mental Toughness Workbook Link

From what you describe it seems like you are looking for general fitness, strength and flexibility to enhance your outdoor riding. Perhaps check out the all purpose road plans. They have the option of adding yoga and strength and there is also the option to mix indoor and outdoor riding.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks again for all the advice.
Another question i have: when i first set up, i filled my prefered Cadance somewhere. I put in 80 rpm, as i didnt really know what to put in. Now after cycling a bit, I noticed I really dont like suffering at 80 rpm, but much rather cruise at 90.
Does the app do anything with that number, and if so, where can I change it? I only see this number on the iphone app, and not anywhere in my desktop app.

Do the Full Frontal Prep, and then the Full Frontal.

You will get your strength and weakness from that. If it makes sense you can concentrate on those. If you choose a plan it will be adapted to your 4DP profile.

I also agree that the Mental Training Program will help.

As for which plan, what is it that you want to accomplish with cycling?
It seems that you want to improve your outdoor cycling.

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