Cross-Platform Meltdown


So out of the blue this week my SYSTM app(s) just had a meltdown. I run the app on a MBP, iPad, and iPhone, and suddenly this week they’re all out of whack (all 7.49 fwiw). The iOS app just made my last two weeks of efforts and plans disappear - nothing there - while the Mac and iPad calendars show my plan and efforts, but won’t show completion and won’t accept any changes/reschedule.

Strangely enough, if I go to my history, and look up the most recent efforts I completed, they show in the history as completed on the correct date. So Wahoo’s servers are receiving and logging efforts, it’s just the display/calendar/home is screwed up - across all my platforms.

Also none of the apps are importing outside efforts from my RIVL watch/ELEMNT as of this week.

Went to the web portal and it looks like my iOS app (strangely enough). Last two weeks missing, no completions showing, and no changes accepted or displayed.

All apps are under the same account, all are current (re-installed, log out/log in, etc.). Have a trouble ticket in to the Minions, so it’s being looked at, but baffling and annoying. Hard to troubleshoot a cause for the differences across platform for the same account that are affecting every version in different ways.

Anyone else experienced a total meltdown - esp. in the past couple weeks?


Not here, Capt’n. Both 'Droid and Mac are displaying fine. Let me check the Web.
Looking good on the web as well.

@CPT_A Sorry to hear that. Nope - no issues for me. Definitely let support know all the details.