What Will the Tour do to my Body?

I’m riding the focused option (rode Fight Club yesterday full gas just for the sheer hell of it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) for the tour and i wondered what the impact is on the body for putting this amount of training stress on the body.

When doing the plans there is always talk of allowing proper rest and recovery time and taking it easy. Obviously this isnt an option with the TOS but will it still have a positive effect on fitness
, strength etc?

Appreciate we are all different but would like some insight into expected benefits/impact.

I’m intrigued in the difference between the focused and nuclear. When does the line cross into minimum benefit?

Children will idolize you. Men and women will whisper compliments as you pass. Goats will follow you. You will react strangely to automobile noises.


You will be just fine!


I wasn’t fine earlier today Goat destroyed me :rofl:, still was chuffed i was able to complete it.

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Check out this other thread about monitoring Strain and Recovery during TOS.

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Thanks Doug, i found this after i posted not sure i fully understand all the different terms or relationships but what i have taken is increasing training is ok as long as you dont do for too long as this increases chance of injury.

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Yes, that’s pretty much the case. A week of extra intensity is fine. You know that you’re going to severely deplete your body. Only you really know how much your body can take and when enough is enough. Having a really intense week is fine. Just listen to your body so you know when/if to dial it back and by how much - so you can finish but still do it in a healthy way. And then make sure to incorporate plenty of self-care into your routine this week (like getting plenty to eat and plenty of sleep, stretching, yoga, etc) and then planning recovery for the week after.

Hey @Gareth_Harvey

Great question. And some good poking from your fans. Yes, adequate recovery and rest is very important. Especially in the long run. For certain “events” whether it be racing, doing the ToS or some other crazy adventure we do tend to make exceptions. And there are limits for sure.
What will the ToS do to your body? Well, like Mac says, " It depends" but overall if you are relatively fit and you have tapered a bit going in, you’ll be fine. You will also be, hungry, sore and tired. But when you get to the end of the tunnel just make sure you fully rest and recharge before returning to normal training. The real danger is continuing to dig a whole afterwards.

Now, for the voice of reason that we often ignore- we are in the middle of a global pandemic- so, if you feel more than just tired or you are compromised in any way, you should bail. If you still want to participate, reduce the intensity and noodle along or just get on the couch. Do NOT compromise your long term health to do the Tour.

If however, things are good- dig in. And after each stage, dig in. That means add an extra serving to your meal and get some extra sleep. Just like @emacdoug said, “Just listen to your body so you know when/if to dial it back and by how much - so you can finish but still do it in a healthy way.”
As long as you are still having “fun” suffering you are good to go.



Cheers Coach Jeff. Day off taking advantage of the fifty hour rule as had a physio appointment for a well earned lower back and leg massage which has worked wonders. Ready for stage 6 & 7!

PS ref the extra sleep, whats this sleep thing you talk of? I have 14 month old twins!