What's next after intermediate strength?

I’m just about to wrap up the 24-week strength plan (hooray!), and I’m wondering what happens next. Repeat 6A and 6B? What do folks tend to do? No gym membership for now, so I don’t have access to weights (thanks covid).

Thanks all!

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I asked this very same question months ago. The answer was basically bigger bottles and carry on with 6A/B.

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You could also try switching some of the exercises and do things like single leg box squats, full depth pistol squats or step ups in the same way as exercises progressed in the scripted workouts.

If you have bands then you could add them to the romanian deadlift.

Try bear crawls instead of quadruped exercises. Do plank pull throughs during the front plank instead of arm raise. Seal walks and body saw are also good variations.

Raising your feet for push ups or glute bridges is also an option to make things more difficult.

I just had a look at glute bridge variations and came across raised feet hip thrusters which look like a good challenge. If you are feeling bored and want something really difficult you could build a GHR machine.

I have to do Copenhagen planks to work on my adductors and might be good to do instead of or in addition to side planks on occasion.

Obviously don’t change all of the exercises at once as some of them can leave you very sore. I would also practice them first to get form correct before trying to do them in a workout.

You could also look at introducing plyometrics but you MUST get someone who really knows what they are doing to create a plan using those as it is super easy to seriously injure yourself. I also don’t know if they are actually beneficial for cycling.


There is actually a post on this:

Post intermediate strength


Hi @mego and @Eerke and others,
Great work on following through on the 24 week progression!. And @Erik-KOS, you are right on point with the post on this.
We have heard from many of you that are asking for more. And I am happy to tell you that it’s coming soon! New progressions, domain specific programs and more diverse training.

With that said, what do you do now?

I recommend that you take a short break for a week to 10 days, focusing on yoga and some of the mobility and strength sessions that are different from the SUF Strength plan. The get back into it. It is best to drop back down 2-3 levels when you restart and build back up. Know that it is also ok to back down a level during your progression as well. Especially if you have completed the entire 24 week program already. Doing one of the lower levels will unload you a bit and show you how much you have improved.
I hope this helps. Keep up the great work. The is more to come!


Thanks all for the info and for pointing out the other post! Much appreciated!

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