Strength training plan progressions

Could we get strength training plans that provide a gradual progression? At the moment, the options for the intermediate are either:

  • Intermediate 1-3, or
  • Intermediate 4-6.

I’d like to see options for:

  • Intermediate 2-4, and
  • Intermediate 3-5.

I’ve just finished Intermediate 1-3, and don’t think I’m ready to jump up all the way to 4-6. In the meantime, I’ve restarted the 1-3 plan, and I’ll just add one to the listed session to give me a 2-4 program.

We’re working on an entirely new way of organising our STR routines so that the progression is a bit more linear. However, in the meantime – as that’s several months away – you can just substitute the sessions you feel you’re ready for with whatever you have in your schedule. If you feel ready for Level 4, then do a a week of L4A/L3B, a week of L3A/L4B, a rest week and then switch up fully to L4. The most important thing is that you’re doing your STR on the days that the integrated plan has scheduled.


Thanks Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS.

Just started a new Intermediate 1-3 program today, and will be doing the next difficulty level up each time, turning it into a Intermediate 2-4 program.

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so going straight through 1-6 over 6 weeks is not the way to do it…? oops i wondered why I have been throttled at the end of the week. I do love these progressions though. As a triathlete, I would love to see more upper body movement, but the core exercises and focus on form has been really spot on.

Hey @Hunterkhuston,
For more upper body exercises, do the 30 min upper body focus session and the two Swim Strength sessions A and. B.

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