What's up with the iOS app splash screen?

Ok so this issue been on my mind since day 1 of using the app (about a year ago) and I decided to go ahead and talk about it:

Who is this guy? He looks like a generic poster dude for a bike riding app. It’s totally out of sync with the whole SUF theme of suffering, honor and Glory.
Why not just use the shield or some other SUF related logo? A simple Gates of Sufferlandria title would be better in my opinion.

Is it just me or do you also blink so to not see this guy every time you fire up the app?


I was thinking the same thing. I love the laser goat and hope to see that everywhere!

Plus the splash screen looks a bit too much like that other platforms splash screen…T***rRd

I am a brand new Sufferlandrian and can’t wait for flags and other merch to be available again so I can really build a proper Den of Suffering.

Bring on the new branding!

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I am ok with it, average dude cycling indoors. Perhaps add a woman and a Sufferfest background…if anything at all

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I agree wholeheartedly. :slight_smile: But it serves its purpose for the time being - let the devs focus their time on actual features first.
I also believe a change is coming at some point (just my guess, I have no inside knowledge).

seriously, any one of these would be far better:



S’pose could just change it to a single word like many apps. Like ‘Sufferfest’.
I’m glad it doesn’t have the old branding in it though. So maybe doesn’t need a person but hey ho.

A cycling goat maybe? but agreed …the piccie says nothing about the app or Sufferfest

Ok, let’s switch it out…


now that’s what I call in-sync with the SUF theme :ok_hand: :japanese_ogre:
(a bit overboard, but much better than that whitelabel model)

Here’s the new splash screen.


Hahaha, please, please make this happen!


Listen now… It would be really cool if there was a thing that users would upload a picture of themselves post workout regularly and the splash screen would randomly choose one and show it when you fire the app.
That’s too cool to actually happen…


I think that would stop people using the app.

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Maybe a custom photo, but at least for myself, I wouldn’t want to keep being forced to see pictures of myself. :rofl:

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What a fearsome goat :joy:


I’ve never minded him, his name is Miles Baker-Clarke, he’s a Brit with a pretty cool Insta feed @miles_bc