When to switch to Level?

I have been doing most workouts in ERG mode. A few workouts suggest Level Mode, which I have done. But I still don’t have a feel for how the Kickr Bike responds in Level Mode, not to mention which Level Mode to use.

So my question is, irrespective of the few workouts that suggest Level Mode, do the users here have some suggestions on what workouts might work well ridden in Level Mode?


For me, the shorter and more intense an interval, the more I’m inclined to use Level. On the Kickr bike, it takes about five seconds to get to a power setting (no matter how big the leap). So, on a minute interval, five seconds isn’t too bad, on a 15 second interval, whole different matter.

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If you prefer ERG mode, most workouts work well but for me, for the shorter efforts 5-15 seconds long I will often switch on the fly to Level mode using the keyboard shortcuts ` 1-9 and 0 then return to ERG for the remainder.

As for which level works best, I always suggest doing an Open Ride and experimenting with different efforts from sprinting through to FTP MAP and AC.

Hope this helps a bit.


Another reason to use Level mode is to train your body to feel the effort so that when your ride outside, or compete, you do not have to always be looking at your power meter.

Here is a support article about picking the level for Level Mode:


I never ride level mode (except for the fitness tests), the Neobike is fast enough with the changes in resistance so it’s not necessary. I suspect the Kickr bike is equally fast.

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This is a great resource. I tend to recommend if the intervals are shorter than 30 seconds, use level. Try level 2 to see if that will work and you don’t end up spinning out or in the big ring/small cog to reach power settings. Anything longer and you should be using ERG. There are two regular rides you should NEVER ride in ERG: Violater and The Shovel (Max Efforts ONLY). You will find that your trainer can’t keep up with them or you will literally ‘lock up’ trying to reach the effort level requested. For a test of how fast the Bike will keep up, try Half is Easy. If the trainer can keep up with the changes for the tabata intervals, then you have a measuring stick when to switch to Level mode.