When your calendar doesn’t allow two peaks…

Headed into a four or five event season, all gravel races 45-65mi with 45-65K’ of elevation gain between late April and late June. Three of the events, one April, two June, are part of a series I hope to place well in.

I started back to training for the upcoming season back in early October. Been lucky so far with no illness or real life disruptions to derail the effort. Transition, FTP testing, a round of base, a round of 3:1 general road. I start next week on a 2:1 60 mile gravel plan that culminates with my first race of the season on 4/24. I’ll do a repeat of my taper week and then run my second event on 4/31.

So here’s where things get interesting: I could do a race on 5/14. Not part of the series, haven’t paid entry fees yet. The following week I will be off the bike for a family trip. There are series events on 6/11 and 6/25.

So what plan or partial plan do I run after my April events, and do I incorporate the May race into it?

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@ryanm I had something similar last season. 1st I would suggest categorizing your races - A, B and C. Depending on how they rank may affect how you taper, etc.

From there I just followed the in season training program. For me it was the MTB plan but it probably works the same for gravel. The plan has a few practice races built in which I did as an actual race on at least one occasion. Also the volume of the in season plans generally isn’t as high so I found it easier to move workouts around to accommodate the schedule change.

Interestingly, road and gravel plans don’t have the same “my event is XX weeks away” option that MTB has. If I shift the gravel plan to peak for the June races, I’m only a couple weeks into the plan when the April races come up, and I will miss a whole week of the plan in May. For those reasons I am inclined to set the gravel plan to peak in April, and take advantage of the flexibility of scheduling smaller blocks or partial plans between the end of April and the end of June. I’m just afraid of choosing the wrong stuff and hitting the end of June either over or under trained.