Where has my fitness gone?

Dear Fellow Forum Users,
Please help me with this problem. Having had a good summer on the bike, I succumbed to the dreaded UK cold virus, not THAT one. I’ve had a cough with mucous in abundance.
I have scaled training but seemed to have lost more fitness than I thought. I seem to have the same heart rate for efforts at 10 per cent less power than earlier on the year. Would this be an expected reduction as it seems quite significant and dispiriting to have to climb back up that hill again!

Yes, if you’ve been off the bike for several weeks. Since you’ve experienced LUNG issues, not leg, I suggest your return to Sufferlandria involve a week or so of recovery/Inspiration level workouts. Then a visit to the Pain Parlour is in order. This is to reset your pain levels so that you don’t overdue it in the LEG area and end up outside the borders again.

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