Whey Protein or Plant Based Protein for Someone with High Cholestrol

Anyone else with high cholesterol level here (my ratio is 5.1 with LDL of 175mg/dl)? Is it recommended to take Whey Protein? or go for plant based protein? plant based protein (soy/pea/etc) got higher price at my local store compared to whey protein… currently i am taking Rule 1 BCAA for few months already and it is finishing soon, thinking to get protein instead… any advice?


Cholesterol is a lipid, considering you’re looking at proteins the cholesterol levels will be very low and not really a concern.

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Those plant based protein usually does not contain any cholestrol but milk based ones had abit in it… So just want to listen to some opinions here…

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I know this is old but you need to talk to your medical team if your numbers are that bad. The real question is what is your HDL/LDL ratio? Mine is ok and my total is below 240. I’m not a good candidate for Statins due to several other health issues. I don’t take supplemental proteins but a plant based diet or adding way more fruits/vegetables will help with your LDL number.

@ahpingko I use plant protein and also am on a plant based diet and it has really improved my numbers to the point where my doctor doesn’t even mention statins anymore. Below is a link that goes through some studies on soy and pea protein and the benefits were lower blood pressure, reduced LDL and improved insulin sensitivity:

Nutrition Facts: Soy and Pea Protein

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